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July 24, 2012
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world 1:
it was a warm sunny day in the land of equestria. birds sang, the critters scurried without a care and the ponies and stallions went about their business happily.

???: spike. do you have my checklist?
spike: yes maam ready and waiting.

began a purple pony and a purple dragon as they walked through their hometown ponyville.

???: ok spike listen carefully, i want to make sure everything is prepared for pinkie pies party today. also, we cant tell rainbow dash or well ruin the surprise.

the mare said as they continued to move through town.

spike: dont worry twilight, ive got the list, quit your worrying and start so i can check things off.

spike said a bit annoyed. twilight then cleared her throat.

twilight: ahem, yes. well okay. balloons?

spike: check

twilight: candy and sweets?

spike: check

twilight: decorations?

spike: check

twilight: cake? ice cream? plates and plasticware?

spike: check, check, aaaand check. is that all twilight?

twilight: well are we at the bottom of the list?

spike: looks like it

twilight: okay then, lets make it back to sugarcube corner. the others are waiting for us and we have to make it back before rainbow dash gets here after her initiation with the wonderbolts.

spike: shes probably freaked out of her mind right now. do you know how long shes wanted to be apart of that organization?

twilight: i know.
they talked as they reached sugarcube corner. sugarcube corner is a bakery and the home of a pink pony named, pinkie pie. once inside, the two, spike and twilight, were greeted by four other mares. of course the pink mare pinkie pie was among them, however a white pony with a purple mane was also there, along with a yellow pony and an orange pony.

pinkie pie: OHAY! its twilight! did you get everything???

twilight: yes pinkie, ive got everything on this list

twilight said as the materials became surrounded by a purple energy and placed onto the floor. this is an ability that she has, being that twilight is a unicorn, all unicorns have the ability to use magic spells, this includes levitating things and using telekinesis and psychokinesis. the unicorn placed the materials neatly onto each table and smiled at pinkie pie

???: well isnt this just perfect! our old pals finally got what shes wanted for so long.

the orange pony said as she helped set up the decorations. the orange pony, commonly known as applejack, is an earth pony, a normal pony. she is very strong and never tells a lie

applejack: so whens rainbow supposed to be back anyway?

twilight: it should be any moment now. you guys did send her that letter to cloudsdale right?

???: ah..yes..we gave it to derpy...i mean being its her home and all i see no reason why she should have trouble getting there.

said the white pony, commonly known as rarity. rarity is a unicorn like twilight. she is a generous giver and has a keen sense of fashion.

???: yes. she was happy to help too, we just couldnt turn her know..i couldnt...

said the yellow pony, commonly known as fluttershy. fluttershy is a pegasus who, as her name suggests, is very shy. however she is very kind hearted and extremely good with animals. pegasi are ponies with wings, they can fly at will, some faster than others.

fluttershy: im sure rainbow dash will be--

suddenly, as if on cue, a blue pegasus with a rainbow mane burst through the doors of sugarcube corner. her cutie mark, i cloud with a multicolored lightning bolt leaving the bottom. a cutie mark, is a special mark given to ponies who have discovered what truely makes them special, twilights cutie mark is sparkles, fluttershys are butterflys, pinkie pies are balloons, raritys is a diamond,and applejacks is apples. the rainbow maned mare landed gently on the floor and looked at all her friends.

pinkie pie: rainbow dash!!! YOU RUINED THE SURPRISE WE WERENT DONE YET!!!

rainbow dash: wait, you mean i wasnt late? derpy said that i was supposed to come down right away and that it was an emergency!

said rainbow dash and the rest of the mane six facehoofed.

pinkie pie: it IS an emergency! its yooooouuuuuuur very fiiiiiirrrrssst! RAINBOW DASH IS OFFICIALLY A MEMBER OF THE WONDERBOLTS PARTYYYYYYYYYY!

the pink pony said as she popped confetti and balloons fell from the ceiling. the blue pegasus blushed lightly and laughed a little.

rainbow dash: oh, hehe pinkie pie this is awesome! thanks!

said rainbow dash as pinkie pie stuffed her face into a cake

pinkie pie: what?

pinkie pie replied her words muffled by the cake in her mouth. all seemed to be going well, until soon, spike the baby dragon, coughed up a very LARGE flame. out of the flame, came a message and a box. spike, the dragon is the link used to send messages to and from canterlot, twilight uses spike to send messages to the princess of equestria, celestia. celestia is not only a pegasus, but also a unicorn, she has lived much longer than any other pony. as the flame bursted from spikes mouth, it began to burn down some of the materials in sugar cube corner, of course this was easily put by rainbow dash, otherwise known as, the fastest flier in equestria. she has teh ability to move at speeds breaking the sound barrier. she used her speed to put out the fires and quickly went down to see her friends.

twilight: a message from the princess

twilight said as she opened the letter which read

dear twilight,
please, this is an emergency, you must look inside the box, its contents have gone missing!!!


twilight put down the letter and opened the box with her magic

twilight: this is supposed to contain the elements of harmony!!!

twilight said worriedly. the elements of harmony are six elements that match up with each of these ponies. theres the element of kindness, honesty,generosity, loyalty, laughter, and magic. with these elements, these six ponies have defied even the toughest of odds, with their friendships unbreakable and their power by far unmatched. however, for some reason, the box is empty. what could have happened to the elements of harmony??

world 2:
???: hey....come look at this....your not gonna believe this.....
an orange fox called out. soon a blue hedgehog entered the room and plopped himself beside the fox.

???: huh? hey buddy whats the matter.

the blue hedgehog asked and the fox gave him a red jewel.

???: look at this....tell me im not the only one who can see that in there.

the fox said and the hedgehog looked at the jewel. within the jewel, a lightning bolt resided. this confused both the fox and the hedgehog.

???: what is that????

???: i dont know....ive been researching for two days now...and i still have no idea what it is or how it got in there......but im going to do whatever it takes to find out!

the orange fox said as the hedgehog and himself stared into the red jewel.
ok, ive decided to start with my MLP/Sonic fanfic, "the elements of chaos" ive come to a realization that im good with messing with the jewels when it comes to making stories. so thats what i did. :D. i hope you all like it, if you do let me know. and i mean PLEAAAASE let me know. post in the comments i encourage you. it will tell me whether or not i should continue.

Mane six and derpy = hasbro/lauren faust
question marks = Sega/Sonic team
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Tusigoding Aug 20, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Cool is there more?
TJ0001 Aug 20, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
plenty more :)
Tusigoding Aug 31, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Yessssss WHAT is this sondash it's cool if it is I just want a heads up so I don't end up being sad when amy doesn't get the love of her life
TJ0001 Aug 31, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
amy doesnt appear until season 2.
Tusigoding Aug 31, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Ok but it's a sondash right? If it is you can let amy get a boyfriend maybe shrine from the wonder bolts because most people think he would go with rainbow dash and amy with sonic but switch them so no ones sad and heart broken :3
TJ0001 Sep 1, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
well it isnt really a love story ._. . besides amy is only a side character, i dnt wanna give away anything so read on.
Tusigoding Sep 1, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Awwwww but I like spoilers :'(
roboman792 Jul 1, 2013  Student Interface Designer
I don't wanna sound like the last guy who commented on here (Sora200, 6/20/2013) But honestly I have trouble reading and understanding the story, because of the misuse of CaPiTaLs, punctuation, etc.
All I'm saying is, you might want to edit it, but overall, it's a really good story. Very creative

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ :D
TJ0001 Jul 1, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
ill get around to it XD
Are capital letters an enemy to you?
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