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Episode 4: Rescue
Act 2

Equestria: between canterlot and ponyville

after helping pinkie fluttershy and tails, shadow began leading everyone back to canterlot castle.

tails: how exactly did you get here shadow?

tails asked and shadow looked back at him

shadow: the same way you did. i jumped through that portal. seemed to be alot of commotion with these pony things so i thought id check it out myself.

shadow said as pinkie pie began to rise up by his side. she soon popped up beside im springing up high with a happy smile on her face

pinkie pie: HI! my names pinkie pie! whats your name??

she said as she thought for a moment

pinkie pie: oh wait. hehe tails already said your name -giggle-  i cant believe i forgot

pinkie pie continued and shadow simply looked at her. there something you want.

shadow asked and pinkie smiled wider

pinkie pie: yes...well actually no......well..kinda!
shadow: well spit it out...

shadow replied and pinkie pie trotted alongside him

pinkie pie: weeeelllll I would like to declare YOU my NEW friend!

pinkie pie said and shadow shrugged her off. he then looked at fluttershy

shadow: and how about you, what do i call you

shadow said, to fluttershy this was extremely intimidating and she crouched down and became nervous

fluttershy: im fmfmmm

fluttershy mumbled and shadow looked at her again

shadow: what?
fluttershy: im flutterfmmm
shadow: speak up!!
fluttershy: uhh! fluttershy! my name is fluttershy!

fluttershy eeped as shadow raised his voice. shadow, satisfied with the answer he got, turned back around to find pinkie pie facing him directly while walking backwards

shadow: what do you want?
pinkie pie: i want to talk. is that okay?

pinkie pie replied and shadow sighed.


he said finally and pinkie pie eeped.


equestria: ponyville:

twilight and the others were inside ponyville, headed the same direction as shadow and the others.

twilight: i hope sonic and the others found celestia and luna....

twilight said as she looked down in thought.

scootaloo: who is sonic? is sonic from the other world

scootaloo asked and twilight turned to her

twilight: yes.

twilight replied and scootaloo accepted the answer. knuckles then sighed as he heard groans in his ears.

big macintosh:...w...where am i.

big macintosh asked rubbing his head with his hoof. knuckles then put him down gently as well as granny smith. both of them stood to their hooves wearily but stable enough to stand firmly on the ground.

applejack: granny smith! big macintosh! your awake!

applejack cried as she hugged them both, they each coughed a bit from the previous event but returned the hug

granny smith: ....i just dont know what went wrong....ysee i was in the kitchen cookin up some apple pie when suddenly this big ol fire started roun the farm.

granny smith said a bit confusedly and twilight looked at her

twilight: dont worry, it isnt your fault. discords on the loose again and we have to get back to canterlot so we can help sonic.

twilight said and big macintosh began walking with them along with granny smith.

big macintosh: well whose sonic?

he asked and twilight pointed at knuckles

twilight: we can go through that when we meet back with him, for now meet knuckles.

twilight said and knuckles held up his hand

knuckles: yo.

knuckles said and macintosh looked at him curiously.

big macintosh:......eeeyup


equestria: canterlot castle:

metal sonic squeezed tighter on sonics neck, sonic was now conscious, he grabbed at metals arms trying to pull him off, his efforts were futile. soon metal raised a hand as if he were going to deliver the final blow, but once he did, beams of light burst from the doors of canterlot castle. a multicolored light burst through and knocked metal sonic away, forcing him to let go of sonic and crash into a tree. sparks began to emit from metals neck suggesting that he had been damaged. rainbow dash looked up from her daze at the castle doors.

rainbow dash: p...princess celestia!

rainbow dash called as celestia looked around.

celestia: rainbow, sonic, rarity, come inside quickly, im sure that the others will meet you here.

celestia said and sonic bolted inside with rainbow dash. rarity got up from the previous attack and looked back at metal.

rarity: pheh, you dont even look like sonic...SONIC HAS SIX HEADQUILLS AND YOU ONLY HAVE THREE!!

rarity called out to metal sonic who could not respond. rarity then ran into the castle and celestia immediately shut the door.

celestia: im glad you guys all made it. what were you doing outside the castle???

celestia asked and sonic walked up to her.

sonic: we were looking for you princess
celestia: but...why would you think id have left the castle??

celestia said and sonic looked down in thought.

sonic: good point...

he said and celestia began walking motioning the others to follow. they all followed celestia to her chamber where they found survivors, the residents of cloudsdale, as well as luna, celestias sister. and it wasnt long before more guests arrived. soon, shadow pinkie pie fluttershy and tails walked through the door to the castle. celestia walked out of her room to greet them and saw pinkie pie talking to them.

pinkie pie: oh, and then sonic and rainbow dash, they got in a race, and guess what, NOBODY WON! but i wasnt there, so dont ask me how i know that. and--
celestia: pinkie pie, fluttershy. im glad your here. please come and bring your guests to my room

celestia said and pinkie pie turned around

pinkie pie: OH were here. thanks for talking with me shadow

pinkie pie said as she bounced away happily. shadow then sighed in relief

shadow: FINALLY!!

--random commercial break--
--commercial break end--

he said as he walked up the stairs along with tails and fluttershy and into celestias room. the very last to get there, was twilights group, with applejack knuckles, big macintosh, granny smith, and the cutie mark crusaders.

twilight: p..princess celestia? your okay??

twilight asked and celestia nodded

celestia: yes twilight. im fine. ive done all i could to keep the ponies of equestria safe. unfortunately, i cannot stop discord alone, so i had to put a barrier around my castle and take as many survivors here as possible. heh what did you think that discord was using my castle as..some sort of hideout??

celestia asked and twilight grumbled to herself for thinking so. she then looked up at celestia and walked up to her

twilight: so...everyone safe?

twilight asked and celestia nodded.

celestia: yes, the barrier was made to protect the castle from any kind of chaos that discord might conjure up. the unicorns are helping me hold it up, as well as luna and your brother shining armor. and dont worry, spike as been with me the entire time. he has yet to leave my side.

celestia said and spike poked his head from behind celestia waving his hand. twilight smiled knowing that everyone was safe. however she was still worried.

twilight: we confronted discord earlier....he said he was hiding out somewhere. but how do we know where hes hiding? he could be anywhere in equestira, he could--

twilight began as celestia put a hoof to twilights mouth and shushed her.

celestia: its okay twilight. everypony is here. no matter what discord does no one will be harmed. his chaos isnt strong enough to bust the barrier created by just about every unicorn in equestria. dont worry about a thing.

celestia said as she led them into her room. she then walked with her and everyone regrouped. it seems that tails' group had taken the most damage, being that they had burn marks on their bodies. fluttershy, having the largest burn mark on her side. twilight looked at the three worriedly and went to them

twilight: are you all okay??

twilight said and pinkie pie jumped up

pinkie pie: were fine! and its all thanks to this guy!!!!

pinkie pie said as she jumped behind shadow and used her hoof to raise his hand and her other hoof to stretch his mouth into a smile. shadow could only give an annoyed look as he folded his arms.

shadow: let go...

he said and pinkie pie released him and stood in front of him sitting on the floor with a plop.

pinkie pie: CMON SHADOW! relax! everyponys safe and were all HEROES!

pinkie pie squealed gleefully as she jumped up and down happily. shadow only cocked his head to the side.

shadow: whatever, its nothing special...

shadow said and pinkie pie gasped

pinkie pie: NOTHING SPECIAL!!??? what do you mean nothing special! were like! total heroes and thats nothing special?? shadow your a bit too grumpy.

pinkie pie said as she began to think for a moment

pinkie pie: do you wanna talk about it?

pinkie pie asked and shadow looked at her. wouldnt understand it anyways.

shadow replied and pinkie pies smile faded slightly.

pinkie pie: huh? well ya wont know unless ya try right??

pinkie pie asked and shadow sighed.

shadow: no
pinkie pie: awwwww pleeeasse! tell me all about it pleeeaaase! i can help! i promise!
shadow: no!
pinkie pie: PLEASE!
shadow: NO!
pinkie pie: please please please please please please!

pinkie pie continued to beg while bouncing around shadow. this annoyed him and he looked at pinkie pie

shadow: Will you just drop it already!!!!!

shadow said raising his voice at pinkie pie. pinkie pie then looked at him with puppie dog eyes (or big pinkie pie pony eyes to be exact). soon, celestia walked onto a platform with luna.

celestia: luna, if you please

celestia said as luna began her royal canterlot voice.

luna: RESIDEN---ahem! residents of equestria! we would like to apologize for the delay in finding you all rooms to stay in this night! discord has made a large impact on equestria, however, we have decided a way to split you all up and help you all find seperate rooms. now, the rooming will go as follows.

luna began as the others listened carefully.

luna: twilight sparkle please come forward! and bring your friends and mobian allies along with you

luna directed and twilight walked onto the platform along with everyone else.

luna: each of you will have seperate rooms in the top section of the castle, you will go up the stairs and find bedrooms, it should be enough for you to at least have one guest.

luna said and twilight replied with a nod. soon, sonic and rainbow dash dashed up the stairs where luna pointed, followed by twilight and the others, and finally shadow. they could faintly hear luna directing the rest of equestrias ponies to seperate rooms, and the further they went up, the less they heard. soon, shadow turned his head to find pinkie pie, still giving him the pinkie pie eyes. he just ignored it and went upstairs. they found a number of doors with number labels.

twilight: wow, who knew celestia had so many guest rooms in her castle.

twilight said and celestia was right behind her

celestia: well my castle does seem bigger on the inside than on the outside doesnt it.

celestia said startling twilight a little bit.

celestia: feel free to choose any room. i had to find the best way to fit as many ponies into the castle as possible, so i apologize if theres a little bit of noise. which is why i put you and your friends on the top floor, this way you all can get a good nights rest before you continue your adventure.

rainbow dash:..g..good nights rest??
sonic: not to be rude princess but that chimera thing is out there right now spreading all kinds of negative chaos! if we wait too long who knows what will happen!

sonic said and celestia put her hoof up and nodded

celestia: its fine sonic. and welcome to the castle. dont worry, everyone in equestria is here right now, being that the other homes in canterlot are quite inhabitable at the moment. there isnt much more discord can do other than sit where he is and think.

celestia said and sonic shrugged as celestia began to walk back down the stairs

celestia: dont you worry about a thing. the castle is heavily protected by unicorn magic, and there is no way that robot can be operating right now. and just to be plenty safe, ill be temporarily shutting down the portal to mobius so that nothing else dangerous gets in. you will all be able to sleep well tonight. so please, relax and make yourselves at home.

celestia said as she walked down the stairs. the clip clop of her hooves echoing as she walked.sonic then yawned and selected a random door to enter.

sonic: see ya guys later then..

sonic said as he went into the room. tails and knuckles followed. shadow selected the room next to it and entered. pinkie pie had begun to follow him inside until twilight pulled her away with her magic

twilight: ohh no you dont. i think youve messed with the big guy enough today. let him be alone today

twilight said dragging pinkie pie into a different room, pinkie pie was put into the room with applejack. rarity and fluttershy selected rooms as well closing the door behind themselves. rainbow dash went with twilight. all seemed quiet. inside rainbow dash and twilights room, twilight lay awake with a dim light on still slightly worried about the situation.

rainbow dash: whats wrong twilight?

rainbow dash asked and twilight looked to her

twilight: oh...its just a little bit paranoid thats all....

twilight responded as she looked down with a small idea.

twilight: do you want to talk? ittle help me get my mind off of it.

twilight asked and rainbow dash obliged.

rainbow dash: well, what did you want to talk about?

rainbow dash asked and twilight looked over to her

twilight: so, who won that race?


equestria: canterlot castle: shadows room

shadow sat down on the bed and layed resting. he looked to his side and once again pinkie pie was there.

pinkie pie: HI!
shadow: AHH!!


act 2
Sonic and MLP the elements of chaos episode 4 act 2

Twilight and Tails' groups hurry toward canterlot castle to help sonic.

All sonic charactes= :iconsegalogoplz: and :iconsonicteamplz:
All MLP characters= :iconfyre-flye: and :iconhasbroplz:
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Pinkie pie: Been thinkin' for a while and there's somethin' I gotta tell you...
Shadow: Eh...I'm kinda busy
Pinkie pie: Been thinkin' that our love for each other has grown so very strong...
Shadow: Love? Wait...
Pinkie pie: It's plain to we're building our worlds together...
Shadow: Uh...Back of for a minute!
Pinkie pie: I'm lookin' at your eyes right now and i can tell you feel the same...
Shadow: Your choking me!
We are in love!
Pinkie pie: I am so in love today!
We are in love!
Shadow: I think i'm gonna run away!
We are in love!
Shadow: Did you cut my phone lines?
We are in love!
Pinkie pie: Yes! I cut your phone lines!
Shadow: I won't lie... You're a very pretty lady!
Pinkie pie: Thank You!
Shadow: But you're crazy, crazy, crazy...You make me wanna move to Bolivia!
Pinkie pie: I'll go with you!
Shadow: You know I'm thinkin' I should get a restraining order!
Pinkie pie: Those are so hard to enforce!
Shadow: 'Cause you car's parked outside my house...Every night this week!
Pinkie pie: Your neighbors are sweet!
Shadow: You're the reason why I have to keep my shades drawn!
Pinkie pie: I'll watch you through the chimney!
Shadow: I've install an alarm system with motion beem detectors!
Pinkie pie: I have the code!
We are in love!
Shadow: Give me just 5 minutes!
We are in love!
Pinkie pie: I think that was 5 minutes!
We are in love!
Shadow: Did you just move in with me?
We are in love!
Pinkie pie: Yes! I just move in with you!
We are in love!
Shadow: NO WE'RE NOT!
Pinkie pie: That was our first love song!
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We are in love
Pinkie: Will you marry me
We are in love
Shadow: (if I say know she will go mad and kill me) Uhh I'm not single
Pinkie: Should I kill her for you
We are in love
Shadow: I think I'll change my room
We are in love
Pinkie: I'll move in with you (again)
Shadow: Stop annoying me
We are in love
Pinkie: Will you marry MEEEE
Shadow: -sigh- I Do!
Pinkie: YAAAAY
Shadow: (I wonder how Sonic and the others are gonna react to this)I mean!
Pinkie: Too late you said yes!
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