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EPISODE 1: a contradiction.

The blue hedgehog and orange fox stared into the jewel for a few moments. soon the hedgehog put down the red jewel and sighed to himself.

???:did you take it to see knuckles? he knows more about the chaos emeralds than we do. maybe its some sort of phase or something.

the hedgehog said. a chaos emerald, is a special jewel, among seven, that when obtained grants the user unimaginable power. even with one emerald, the user has the ability to bend the laws of time, space, each chaos emerald is powered by two types of energy. positive, and negative chaos energy. when the negative energy of this gem is used, it is usually used to bring destruction and to wreak havoc upon an opponent. when the positive energy is used, it is used to stop time, teleport, travel through time or dimensions, but most importantly of all, the positive side, once all seven emeralds are collected, grants the user a super form, completely invulnerable in every way. the user basically becomes, unstoppable.

???: no not yet. but your right sonic. we should take it to knuckles and see whats going on.

the orange fox said. sonic, is a blue hedgehog, commonly known as the fastest thing alive. he can break the sound barrier from a stand still and never seems to get tired. he is the hero of his world, mobius, and is constantly thwarting the plans of his enemy, doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik. more commonly known as eggman, a genius in not only machines, but in science. he is a master at his craft and has built countless machines, even successfully built, a robotic doppleganger of sonic himself, in an attempt to stop sonic once and for all.

sonic: alright tails. ill just use chaos control and well be right there

sonic said holding the emerald. chaos control is a technique used in mobius that allows the user to stop time as long as they have some sort of link to the chaos force. such as a chaos emerald. miles "tails" prower otherwise known as "tails" is a two tailed fox who joined sonic on his quest to save the world after sonic defended him from bullies that made fun of the fact that he had two tails instead of only one. ever since then tails has been on every one of sonics adventures and the two have been the best of friends.

tails: okay sonic. lets go!!

he said ready and raring to go. sonic held up the emerald and called out the words "chaos control". however, to sonic and tails' surprise, the technique...did absolutely nothing.

sonic: alright whats going on! why cant i use chaos control!!

sonic asked obviously stressed and confused. tails simply looked at sonic then to the chaos emerald in his hand.

tails: i-its ok. we can always run there. ittle be like old times yknow? i mean your the fastest thing alive and all, ittle be a piece of cake.
sonic: your right tails! to angel island it is then! cmon lets go!!

sonic cheered dashing out the door, tails following close behind.

--cue opening theme sonic boom (sonic CD)--
--opening theme ends--


twilight yelled out frantically, her mane a little messed up now

rainbow dash: aww cmon im sure its not that bad! i mean weve defeated discord and nightmare moon already, what else is there to worry about?

rainbow dash asked lazily. nightmare moon, is actually the sister of princess celestia, her name is actually princess luna. nightmare moon came about when a long time ago, luna abandoned her sister because celestia had the day where everyone was up bright and early, and luna, had the night, where everyone slept, and she was alone. thus she turned against her sister and tried to take over, plotting to force equestria into an eternal night. discord is a chimera that thrives on chaos, he is obsessed with it and wants nothing more than to bring chaos and havoc to the land of equestria.

twilight: are you kidding rainbow dash? ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN! i mean..what if something even worse than nightmare moon...even worse than...DISCORD! what if--

twilight began worriedly before applejack slapped her with her hoof and grabbed her shoulders

applejack: calm down sugarcube, now im sure that this is all just a little mixup with the elements. if we go see celestia, we can be better informed about the problem

she said and rainbow dash nodded.

rainbow dash: applejacks right, were not gonna get anywhere by sitting here like lumps on a log! lets go to canterlot and figure out what the big deal is!

rainbow said and pinkie pie squealed with joy

pinkie pie: EEEEEEEEEEEE!!! YAY! ANOTHER ADVENTURE! i wonder what terrors and thrills await us this time!!! the possibilities are.....ARE.....OVER NINE THOUSAND!!!!!

pinkie pie said and the other ponies looked at her weird.

pinkie pie: its a dragon ball z reference :D
everyone: a what?
pinkie pie: you wouldnt understand ANYWAY lets get GOING!!!

pinkie pie said as she bounced out the door. the other ponies shrugged and followed her out .

twilight: okay guys, in case this is really serious, i want you guys to go back home and get whatever you can that will help. were all gonna meet back at the train station. once were all there, we can finally go to canterlot and get this mess figured out.

twilight said and the other ponies nodded without question and went to their respective homes to grab certain belongings.



sonic and tails stood at the foot of a bridge.

sonic: there it is buddy, angel island. looks like knuckles is sleeping on the altar again.

sonic said crossing his arms. angel island is the resting place of a jewel called, the master emerald. the supplier of power for all the chaos emeralds. sonic and tails went across the bridge and found knuckles not only extremely tired but extremely woozy looking too. knuckles, is a red echidna, who guards the master and chaos emeralds on a daily basis. he is strong and sometimes competitive, however his strength heavily outweighs his logic, he isnt the smartest guy around, being easily tricked by his enemies.

sonic: knuckles......are you feeling okay?
knuckles:...s...sonic? hey...surprise seeing your mug here.....
sonic: knuckles your laying on the stairs looking all droozy like. whats the issue bud?
knuckles: the master wont listen to a thing i say.......ive been at this for around two days now and its still not listening....

knuckles replied slumping a bit more down the stairs lazily. sonic looked at tails then back at knuckles

sonic: ya think it might have something to do with this?

sonic said as he showed knuckles the red chaos emerald in his hand. knuckles sat up best he could to look at the emerald and then got a shocked face

knuckles: it could....but...what is that? ive never seen anything like it!

knuckles said and sonic and tails got shocked faces

sonic: WHAT??? darn it! we came down here hoping that itd be some sort of phase the emeralds are going through, but i guess that theorys out. for some reason, i cant use chaos control either! man this is freaky!

tails: do you think shadow might know anything about it??

tails asked and sonic shook his head. shadow, is a life form created by doctor gerald robotnik, doctor eggmans grandfather. he was originally created to cure certain deathly ills, however a military organization called G.U.N interfered and destroyed all of robotniks work. shadow, was forced to be sent to earth by pod by maria robotnik.

sonic: i doubt it. if knuckles doesnt know then i dont think theres anyone here who can help us.

sonic said as he looked up at the sky and sighed.

sonic: its getting late....maybe tomarrow we can fix it.

sonic said as he looked up again and saw two other emeralds at the altar.

sonic: mind if we take another emerald?

sonic said as he jumped up and snatched an emerald off one of the pillars. he looked into it to find a butterfly shape instead of a lightning bolt inside the green emerald.

sonic: way past weird.....

sonic said to himself as he left the island

sonic: hey you rest up ok knuckles! tails and i are gonna try to figure this out tomarrow!
tails: bye knuckles! rest up okay?

the two said as knuckles simply sighed closed his eyes and smacked his head against the stairs falling asleep. sonic and tails made it home and sonic went to his own room and sat the emerald down walking back out. to find tails operating a couple power tools with the gem in a glass plate in the center

sonic: tails what are you doing??

tails: im trying to see how the emerald will react to this. but so far ive gotton nothing. did you see what happened when we brought the red and green emeralds together? absolutely nothing! that IS weird. usually something happens between them but now theyre as dead as....well something dead.

tails replied and sonic sighed plopping on the couch and watching TV.



The mane six met at the train station as planned, each of them wearing packs at each of their sides.

twilight: alright. it looks like were all ready to go see the princess.
rarity: lets get this done already please, its getting late and i have to make sure opal gets his dinner.

rarity said as she yawned a bit. opal, is raritys pet cat. each pony got onto the train which rode directly to canterlot. the ride wasnt very long, or at least it didnt feel long being the mane six had a nice discussion along the way. once the train stopped at their destination they walked towared a castle like building which had a couple guards at the front. at sight of twilight, they let down their guard and allowed them to enter. twilight and the others easily found the princess who, conveniently met them at the door.

celestia: twilight sparkle. im glad to see you again. i take it you caught my message?
twilight: yes did you know wed be here?
celestia: spike sent me a message stating that you were all on your way to see me. come inside, ill tell you the matter at hand.

celestia said and the mane six entered the castle with her. she led them to an area  and stopped to face them.

celestia: you might have already guessed that the items i mentioned in that letter were in fact the elements of harmony.

celestia stated and the mane six nodded

rainbow dash: what exactly is the issue? i mean, were not in any danger right?

rainbow dash asked and celestia lowered her head

celestia: im afraid that...there is yet another problem...

celestia said and the mane six gasped

applejack: w...well...spit it out! what is it!
celestia: ill tell you. it seems that the spell you used on discord using the elements of weakening....

celestia said and pinkie pie did a bigger gasp than everypony else

twilight: b.but thats impossible! we sealed him up tight with the elements.
celestia: ah...yes twilight. however this brings me to better news.
mane six: huh?
celestia: the fact that the spell on discord is weakening, means that we know what happened to the elements.
twilight: ....?
celestia: as long as the elements of harmony are in equestria, the spell on discord should not weaken to the state that its in, which brings me to the conclusion that....the elements MUST be in another world

mane six: ANOTHER WORLD??
applejack: why thats just silly talk! other dimensions?
twilight: no applejack...ive read this in a book once, about the possibility of there being hundreds and hundreds of different dimensions among ours.
rainbow dash: well if theres that many! how do we plan on finding which one the elements are in!!
celestia: im not sure....our top unicorns and scientists in canterlot are trying to figure out a way to find them. weve known of different dimensions for a long time, and....secretly....we or two.

celestia explained to the mane six. rarity yawned again and celestia smiled

celestia: why dont you ponies get some rest. the unicorns and i will try our best to find out which universe holds the elements. we will inform you once weve found them.
rainbow dash: at that rate ittle take too long and discord will be free!
celestia: im afraid its our only option for now. you six get some rest. if need be, you can return tomorrow and assist us.

celestia said as she dismissed the mane six back home. twilight and the others boarded the train and returned home to ponyville where each went to their respective homes. rarity, was the first to go to sleep, obviously tired she needed the rest. then applejack. fluttershy went to sleep, then pinkie pie. twilight was more worried than anypony else, she frantically paced around her library, but eventually got tired and went to sleep. rainbow dash also fell asleep in her home. however, here is significant...rainbow dash, begins to dream.

rainbow dash:........i feel...awake.....where am i?......

rainbow dash began as she walked around an empty black area

rainbow dash: hello? is anyone around here?


sonic wearily watched as tails worked on. it was late, and sonic had decided to go to bed. and as he slept, he had a dream


rainbow dash: hello?......where is everyone??

sonic heard a voice call out and looked around

sonic: whose there?? where are you??

sonic called and rainbow dash heard this call. they each followed the sounds of each others voices until, they could see one another.

sonic:...a...a pony?
rainbow dash: a hedgehog? what is? and hes tall and standing on two legs. am i dreaming or something?

they each spoke to themselves as they attempted to approach one another.

sonic: who are you...
rainbow dash: my names rainbow dash...who are you?
sonic: names sonic the hedgehog.......w..where are we?
rainbow dash: i dont know....
rainbow dash: (wow...he can talk too? go figure)

the two spoke to each other as they approached before bumping into what seemed like a thick wall of glass. as sonic looked at the blue pony, he noticed a certain symbol on her flank.

sonic: (a lightning bolt?.....could that be...) listen....whats happening to the chaos emeralds! that lightning bolt there on your flank! what does that mean?

sonic asked only assuming she knew what a chaos emerald was. she looked at him in confusion and looked at her flank.

rainbow dash: (chaos emerald? ive never heard of that....but hes looking at my cutie mark like hes seen it before.....) i dont know what a chaos emerald is....

rainbow dash said, for a moment they were silent, still trying to process things in their heads.....suddenly....finally

sonic: THE EMERALDS!!!


rainbow dash: THE ELEMENTS!!!

both sonic and rainbow dash yelled out simotaniously in their respective worlds.

act 1 end
Sonic and MLP elements of chaos episode 1 act 1. the mane six set out to discover the whereabouts of the elements, while sonic and tails set out to discover the mystery behind the weird acting emeralds.

mane six/celestia= hasbro/lauren faust
sonic/tails/knuckles/shadow/maria/eggman/gerald=sega/sonic team

over9000=dbz reference dbz= akira toriyama fuji tv toei animation funimation animation.
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Cool :3 like the story. You managed to keep the ppl in character, wich in my opinion is realy hard
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This was painful to read. The spelling and grammar mistakes took away from the story. Always capitalize the first letter of the first word of a new sentence. The first letter of each name should be capitalized too. This is badly rushed, and makes zero sense. There is way too much assumption going on. Don't be afraid to describe. This could be so much better.
TJ0001 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Lol, if only it weren't also old and abandoned. I appreciate the critique, though. I've plenty of recent drawings/sprite animations that you could look at if you'd like, people seem to look past those and go to my old stuff XD.
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So this is pretty much the script to the sprite show on YouTube that's being worked on? Yeah, I saw the trailer. Pretty neat stuff. ;)
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DBZ reference FTW!!!! ^^b
TJ0001 Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
it just occurred to me how much more fitting it would be if pinkie pie said "the possibilities are never ending" instead of over 9000.
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