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Episode 10: Breaking and Entering
act 2

Eggmanland: Eggman HQ: Western wing:

Amy: uh...ohh..

amy said as she looked up toward the robots that were going after her. meanwhile, completely invisible, the rest of team 1 hovered in the air.

Pinkie pie: what do we do!
Michelle: we have to help her. cmon!

--Start fight music: Final destination (super smash bros brawl)--

michelle said letting go of twilights hindleg, she dropped to the ground and instantly became visible, startling the badniks that surrounded herself and amy.

Michelle: you brought your hammer right?
Amy: uh huh
Michelle: well, i think its about time to use it! cmon!

michelle said as she pounced upward, jumping on the heads of the badniks forcing them to the ground. within the barrier the rest of the group looked toward amy and michelle

Saia: cmon, we might as well destroy these guys, they know were here!

Saia said, she held out her hand and a bow and arrow appeared in a flash of light, she pulls back the bow string and fires, the arrow splitting into many different arrows and smashing into three badniks.

Saia: woot! saia the porcupine strikes again! lets go kick some tail!

Saia said pointing a direction for fluttershy to fly. Saia, while riding on fluttershys back, loaded more arrows into her bow smiling. after that, twilight shut down the barrier and directed charmys flight. while pinkie pie directed tails. Badniks of all kinds were present, including asteron, catakiller, and so on. however even these badniks had upgrades. a catakiller approaches the group slowly, and seems harmless at first, however, soon it split into five different spheracle objects and began rolling at blinding speeds toward amy and michelle.

Amy: look out!!

amy called as she used her hammer to smash one of the spheres away from herself as if it were a base ball. once struck however, the catakiller sphere landed on the ground and exploded, creating a shockwave that sent back the group, not seeming to affect any of the other badniks. the asteron star floated toward twilight and charmy, and of course exploded, sending spikes in every direction, twilight was easily able to defend herself using a barrier, she was then shot toward more badniks via thundershoot courtesy of charmy, she hit a large number of them before finally landing next to charmy who hovered above the ground. once enough of the badniks were defeated, a blinking red light lit on each of the ones remaining, and once this happened, two giant machines slammed in front of the group, who stood side by side.

Tails: thats!! big arms and the death egg robot!!

tails said as he pointed at it.

Shadow: theyve probably been upgraded in some way too...

shadow commented. Saia and Michelle looked toward it, saia smiled


saia said as she rushed toward the death egg robot twilight rushed after her to stop her but was intercepted by the big arms robot, the big arms shot its arms as rockets and slammed into twilight forcing her to crash against the fence they just leaped over.

Twilight: owwww....

twilight moaned as she stood back to her hooves and looked again toward the big arms robot, that of which was accompanied by smaller badniks.

Michelle: uh...any ideas?
Twilight: take it out, cmon!

twilight said responding to michelles question, they both rushed in teaming with pinkie pie and charmy, while shadow, saia, fluttershy, and tails fought the death egg robot.

--end music--


Eggmanland: Eggman HQ: Eastern Wing.

Mighty: the badniks...theyve all left!

mighty said as he looked over to rose.

Rose: thats probably team one having a little bit of trouble, we should use this to our advantage, cmon, while we still can we can leap over as many gates as possible!

rose said, and with that they all charged forward.

--begin level music: Radical Highway (sonic adventure 2)--

they all went toward the base and began leaping gates, not having to worry about the spotlights. successfully, they reached first gate, then second, third, fourth, and finally, they were standing in front of the fifth gate, having had no problems with badniks whatsoever.

Sonic: hehe, looks like weve got this one, cmon lets--

sonic started before a giant machine slammed in front of him, with two other machines slamming beside that one.

Sonic: w..what the!!
Rainbow dash: but i thought all other badniks went to the spotlight location!

sonic and rainbow dash commented, rose looked down and narrowed her eyes

Rose: gotta give eggbutt credit for this one, a secondary defense for gate five, looks like....
Sonic: its mecha sonic! and mecha knuckles too!

sonic commented and he looked in the center at the much larger robot.

Sonic: but.......whats this one? ive never....

sonic started, looking at a massive metal monster, that of which had four arms, two gaint legs and what looked like eggmans face. the arms and legs were each packed with different missile and projectile launchers, and to top it off, a laser beam at its center.

Sonic: alright doc, i see your game, bring it on, challenge accepted!

sonic said as he and the rest of the team charged in toward the mechs.

--music end--

act 2
Sonic and MLP the elements of chaos episode 10 act 2

looks like both teams have been spotted, whats next?

All sonic characters= :iconsegalogoplz: and :iconsonicteamplz:

All MLP characters= :iconfyre-flye: and :iconhasbroplz:

Saia, Cinos= :icontj0001:

Michelle= :iconchellytheeevee:

Rose= :iconrosethehedgehog13:
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