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Episode 17: dawn of a new day.
act: 1

Mobius: portal to equestria:

as the mane six faced sonic and his friends, looks of sadness and grief hit their faces. while they were happy that the situations were all resolved, they were disappointed that they all had to depart from one another so soon.

applejack: well, its been fun meetn yall, t'be honest, i was hopin that maybe one day knuckles could come help us at the farm...

applejack said sadly as she walked up to knuckles, they shook hand and hoof and brofist/hoofed.

applejack: i guess this is goodbye pardner.
Knuckles: good luck you guys

rarity: it was a pleasure to meet you all
fluttershy: um, princess, i hope its okay but, you see, i was planning on taking something along with me.

fluttershy and rarity commented and celestia looked down at them.

celestia: yes fluttershy, what is it?

celestia asked, and upon hearing her question, fluttershy smiled shyly and popping up from behind her mane was a pink and yellow chao, matching fluttershys mane and coat flawlessly. the chao sprung from fluttershys mane and fluttered around celestia, embracing celestias face in a small chao hug.

celestia: heh, what an adorable creature. what did you
fluttershy: him, named

fluttershy began as she looked down shyly, the group only stared.

celestia: what did you name him?

celestia repeated anxious to know what fluttershy came up with.

Fluttershy: *mfmm*

fluttershy replied quietly, the rest of them only opened their ears to listen closer.

rarity: what was that? could you repeat that darling?

rarity said and fluttershy lowered herself nervously.

fluttershy: *tssl*

fluttershy responded and rainbow dash folded her forelegs

rainbow dash: cmon fluttershy! whats the creatures name!?

rainbow dash asked and fluttershy sighed she took a deep breath and let it out. calming herself down, she sat herself up, still looking down with her nervous demeanor.

fluttershy: tails...his name is tails.

fluttershy said and tails gave a light blush.

rainbow dash: whyd you name him that?
fluttershy: well, you see, when i found him he was curled up in a bundle of grass, he looked so adorable i couldnt resist so i picked him up and held him, i must say the chao really love being held, so when i did that, i had taken him over with me to the freedom fighters headquarters so that i could properly feed and take care of him, well, one day, i saw him putting together letter blocks and when he was done it spelled out my name wonderfully, and i thought 'your a really smart chao arent you'. and he reminded me of tails,because tails is very smart. so thats what i named him.

fluttershy said shyly and tails smiled at her compliment. tails walked to fluttershy and embraced her in a hug, fluttershy returned his hug and sighed.

tails: thanks fluttershy

tails said and fluttershy nodded as if to say that he was welcome. meanwhile, pinkie pie had already embraced shadow in a warm and loving hug. she weeped at the thought of having to say goodbye so soon.

pinkie pie: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH! why do you have to leave so soon shady! i could have been your bestest best friend forever but now thats all poof and gone!!

pinkie pie said as she tightened her hug around shadow, for a moment he was silent and reluctant, however he smiled and returned pinkie pies hug

shadow: pinkie
pinkie pie: hm?
shadow: thank you for being there for me.

shadow simply said, the sad moment only making pinkie pie cry more, shadow smiled nervously and patted her head. sonic and rainbow dash met one another and smiled.

sonic: well, its been fun rainbow dash.
rainbow dash: yeah...

sonic and rainbow dash commented, the both of them looking to one another.

rainbow dash: i wish it didnt have to end so soon...when this was all over, i had so many plans...we could have gone adventuring together...just you and me you coupl-- i-i mean know..just hanging out.

rainbow dash said and sonic chuckled to himself.

sonic: sounds like that would have been a blast.

sonic said with a smile. rainbow dash returned the smile and walked up to sonic, giving him a hug, however still trying not to make it look like she wanted it too badly. on the outside she appeared just fine. however she as well as the others were disappointed to be leaving their new friends forever.

rainbow dash: *im gonna miss you sonic...*

rainbow dash whispered into sonics ear as she released him from the hug. sonic and the mobians looked onto celestia and the ponies as they all backed away toward the portal.

celestia: its been a pleasure meeting you all, however i believe its time we bid you ado, goodbye, sonic the hedgehog.

celestia said as she turned to the portal and walked through it, the ponies, though their faces disappointed, followed celestia through the portal. after watching the portal for a few more minutes, it finally closed. sonic sighed and looked to tails

sonic: hey...lets go home.

sonic said as he and the rest of the mobians turned around to leave green hill zone.

--begin opening theme: reach for the stars (Sonic colors)--
--end opening theme--

--SEVEN YEARS LATER (after the events in sonic generations)--

mobius: tails' workshop:

Tails sat in the mainroom of his workshop, as usual working on a contraption that may help sonic and himself in the near future. sonic, was not there.

tails: hopefully when sonic gets back hes nice and hungry, ive got something ready for him on the table when he gets back.

tails said to himself as he worked on his contraption, he was thinking out loud again, however this didnt seem to bother anyone so he let what happens happen. if not two minutes later, sonic showed up in a blur flashing in through the already open front door.

Sonic: hey tails,
Tails: hi sonic, how was your run?

tails aske and sonic smirked

sonic: went really well, considering i didnt have to smash any of baldy mcnosehairs robots the whole time.
Tails: yeah, hes been going easy on us ever since celestia dropped eggman back here several years back, his biggest threat to us was a giant time monster.

tails said referring to the time eater that sonic and his classic self had to defeat to save his world.

Sonic: yeah, maybe the old guys given up, i dont blame em though, challenge a guy like me your bound to give up sometime!

sonic said with his usual cocky attitude. sonic then went towards the kitchen

Sonic: imma find something to chow on im starving!

sonic said and tails looked back behind his desk at sonic

Tails: oh, by the way, i had left you something on the table, it hasent been there long it should still be hot.

tails said and sonic looked to the table, sitting there was a plate wrapped with napkins. sonic uncovered the plate to reveal two chili dogs, hot, ready and waiting to be eaten.

Sonic: haha! you know me so well tails. thanks alot
Tails: its no problem sonic, dont mention it

tails said, sonic gave tails a thumbs up as he began eating the first chili dog, he bit into the chili dog and smiled happily, now enjoying every bite.


???: ???:

in a dark, old, and crumbling castle, three figures sat discussing things, and from the looks of it, very important things.

???: a world inhabited by nothing but ponies? boy sonic has hit an all time low traveling to a place like that.
???: i know right! i mean what good could come of it? wheres the fun?

two of the figures discussed, the third, remaining completely silent.

???: you know what we should do?

one of the figures spoke and the other two turned their heads.

???: we should go to this equestira place and tear everything apart.
???: but they have sonic watching over them, what if he gets in the way??
???: he wont, trust me. i was listening in the day the ponies were leaving his world, their pansie princess closed the gate to mobius. sonic wont have a clue that were there, not only that.

The figure explained as it turned its head and smirked to reveal a wide toothy grin.

???: but its gonna be fun! seeing all the horrified faces of those helpless ponies is gonna be so satisfying! ive already got chills.

the figure stated and they all laughed.


equestria: cloudsdale:

in cloudsdale, a show was being presented by none other than the wonderbolts, they used their excellent flying abilities to not only do tricks and stunts in the sky, but to also demonstrate what it is to be a wonderbolt, they did stunts from dips, dives flips and turns, to flying as fast as they can and writing messages in the sky. finally, it was rainbow dashes turn to perform in the show, rainbow dash excelled all of the other wonderbolts, proving that she is truly the ultimate flyer in equestria. she was the fastest, the coolest, and the most dazzling of the wonderbolts group. after doing a series of sky messages, flips, dips and dives, she finally began to fly upward, following her a trail of rainbow. soon, she performed a sonic rainboom and the instant it was created she sped across the sky in a flash of rainbow light, the rainboom itself created the image of what looked like a flower in the sky, next to her rainboom smile a message saying "rainbow dash rules!!!" after the show had ended, rainbow dash had flew down to the clouds where her friends were waiting, twilight and rarity used their magic to cast a spell allowing them to walk on the clouds.

Twilight: great job rainbow dash!
pinkie pie: you were SPECTACULAR!!!
fluttershy: amazing!
rarity: simply dazzling!
applejack: perfect tricks as always rainbow dash, i reckon you shoulda been in the wonder bolts long before you actually did.

the five of them commented, rainbow dash gave a brief smile and walked past them.

Rarity: w..whats wrong rainbow dash? is it--
Twilight: *whispering* shhhh remember? this is the anniversary of the day she last saw you know who!

rarity started and twilight reminded.

Applejack: to think its been seven whole years we havent seen the feller, celestia really meant what she said when she said shed close it forever...

applejack commented as rainbow dash stopped in her tracks

rainbow dash: you know you dont have to whisper, i know what your talking about, and you know its okay. while its true it would be nice to have him around again, i can say ive gotton over that a long time ago.

rainbow dash claimed and the other ponies looked to one another

twilight: are you sure?

twilight asked and rainbow dash nodded. her nod wasnt very convincing, however the rest of the ponies shrugged it off. suddenly, a bright light flashed in front of all of them and they backed away, the ponies all backed away shielding their eyes

applejack: whatn tarnation is that!?

applejack asked and twilight looked to her, careful not to let the light reach her eyes

twilight: i dont know but where about to find out!

twilight said as the light began to dim into a glow, the ponies looked to it in a curious fashion , smoke and the glow of light only letting them see a sillouhette that looked like sonic. the figure had beaming red eyes and a toothy grin.

rainbow dash: s..sonic??? no way!!!

rainbow dash said as she began to gallop over toward the figure, soon, the red eyes seemed to have shifted upward revealing light blue eyes,

Twilight: wait rainbow! i dont think thats sonic!

twilight tried to persuade rainbow but to no avail. rainbow dash stopped in front of the glow and smoke looking to the sillouhetted figure.

Rainbow dash: that you??

rainbow dash said, her eyes hopeful, a smile almost reaching her face, that is, until a hand reached out and placed it on rainbow dash's head. and for a moment, rainbow dash could feel her own joy overflowing her body,

Rainbow dash: SONIC! im so glad your--

rainbow dash said before the hand squeezed its grip on rainbows head, out of the glow and smoke came a familiar face, but something was different. this hedgehog was not blue, he was green, his eyes were a piercing light blue and his smile was frighteningly big and toothy. the sonic look-a-like leaned forward toward rainbow dash with an evil grin. tightening his grip on rainbow dash's head,

???: sorry, guess again.

the green hedgehog said and rainbow dash got a fearful look, the rest of the ponies all stared in shock, he looked exactly like sonic, this one however had a scar on his chest and belly, was green, and wore red sunglasses and a jacket.

rainbow arent sonic...

rainbow dash said in utter disappointment, and slight fear.


act 1: end
Sonic and MLP the elements of chaos episode 17, Dawn of a new day.

seven years have passed since our heroes departed to their normal worlds. however the story is far from over.

Sonic and tails= :iconsegalogoplz: and :iconsonicteamplz:
mane six and wonderbolts= :iconfyre-flye: and :iconhasbroplz:
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