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Episode 18: Faker!
act: 1

Equestria: Ponyville: Sugarcube Corner:

--start theme: CMC go crusading montage theme (MLP OST)--

Pinkie pie: and then Applejack said.. *in Applejack's voice* "Thats mighty fine sugarcube" and I totally laughed cuz, thats the name of the place were in right now!! HAHAHA!

Pinkie pie said, telling a joke to her friends.

Applejack: pinkie, that just happened
Pinkie pie: I know! and it was hilarious! I just had to tell you about it!

Pinkie pie said replying to Applejack, Applejack merely facehoofed and continued what she was doing.

Twilight: Its been quite some time since those Sonic look a likes attacked, what do you think celestia said to the mobians?

Twilight asked and Rainbow dash and the others shrugged.

Rarity: Who knows, it doesn't matter to me as long as we are all safe and sound right?
Applejack: Your still worried about that? Bein' Celestia's student n'all I'd expect ya to have a bit more faith in your teacher

Applejack said and Twilight shook her head.

Twilight: No, It isn't that, I was know...starting conversation...that's all...besides..It's true isn't it?

Twilight said as the rest of the mane six looked to one another, they all nodded in agreement with Twilight and looked back to her

Rainbow dash: And if that Sonic wannabe ever shows up again! well be ready! So theres no need to worry about a thing, just relax!

Rainbow dash said said and Twilight nodded

Twilight: Yeah..your right.

--music end--

--start opening theme: Reach for the stars (sonic colors)--
--end opening theme--

The next day: Equestria: Behind Twilights home:

Twilight: Ok spike, we're gonna give it one more go before we take a break, sound good?
Spike: okay Twilight, who knew transformation spells could be so tough!

Spike said and twilight nodded, soon, an aura of purple reached around twilight encasing her in a purple see through sphere. It glowed brighter and brighter until finally in a burst of light twilight went from her old self, to rarity.

Spike: Rarity again?
Twilight: *rarity's voice* I know spike, but mastering something like this normally takes years of practice, not to mention I have to get every detail of the pony in question correct, AND I need to be able to transform back to my old self again. I know Rarity pretty well, and considering that shes also a unicorn I would be better off transforming into her, it would simply make it easier for me to transform back.

Twilight explained to Spike who looked oddly at Twilight.

Spike: What if you transformed into someone like...Rainbow..or Fluttershy..or even Pinkie pie?

Spike asked and Twilight smiled.

Twilight: *Rarity's voice* That would be fairly difficult to perform. I mean transforming into them at my current level would be a breeze, but transforming back....IIII might have to study a bit more on that.

Twilight said as had begun to transform back into herself again.

--start music: Fooling mode (naruto OST)--


Pinkie pie called and suddenly Twilight looked up and looked around, Pinkie pie jumped out of Twilight's window landing in her back yard.

Twilight: *Rarity's voice* Y..yes Pinkie what is it?
Pinkie pie: Ohhh Rarity! I need to find Twilight!
Twilight: *Rarity's voice* B..but I a--
Pinkie pie: I guess you will have to do Rarity! Listen! I REALLY REALLY REEEAAALLLY need your help!!
Twilight: *Rarity's voice* What is it?

Twilight ask, now having forgotten that she is still disguised as Rarity.

Pinkie pie: Its GUMMY! HES GONE! I-I can't find him anywhere! I've asked everywhere but all they could say to me is "HEY PINKIE PIE WAIT!!".

Pinkie pie said frantically as Twilight tried to calm her.

Twilight: *Rarity's voice* Not to worry Pinkie pie, I'll help you find your pet. Do you know where he usually hangs out? Or where you saw him last?

Twilight asked and Pinkie pie shrugged. Twilight sighed and walked past Pinkie pie.

Twilight: *Rarity's voice* Well lets go have a look around

Twilight said and Pinkie pie sighed

Pinkie pie: But I already tried  that! Ive looked everywhere! Sugarcube corner! The lake! The everfree forest! the Dragons volcano! In your mane! in Fluttershy's mane!
Twilight: *Rarity's voice: ok ok!

Twilight said interrupting Pinkie's list of places shes already looked. Twilight looked around and at Pinkie, and got a shocked face

Twilight: *Rarity's voice* Uhh Pinkie..I think--
Pinkie pie: Its ok Rarity, I know you tried your best, but I'm gonna go try to find Twilight now! She'll definitely know what to do!
Twilight: *Rarity's voice*  AGH! WAIT! PINKIE PIE I AM TWILIGHT!!!

Twilight said, but to no avail, Pinkie pie was too far away to even hear her. Twilight sighed and transformed back into her normal self.

Spike: You could have changed back at any time you know
Twilight: A few more hours of practice?
Spike: Oh, uh, actually, I thought that your way of taking it was...fantastic!!!
Twilight: As i thought, lets go inside shall we?
Spike: lets

Twilight and spike both went inside Twilight's home.

--end music--


Mobius: Angel Island: Master emerald altar:

--start music: strategy version 2 (sonic adventure 2 OST)--

Miles: Are you sure this plan will work?

Miles said and Scourge looked to him

Scourge: Of course it will, those idiot ponies are on such good terms with the real sonic theres no way they would expect a fake if it looks real enough.
Miles: Are you sure? according to the rainbow girl they've dealt with fake Sonics before.
Scourge: Excuse me? Are you questioning my abilities?

Scourge and Miles debated silently, knowing that just on the other side of the master emerald, Knuckles rested silently.

Miles: Uh.....I- sir..

Miles said nervously as Scourge challenged his logic. Scourge then looked at the master emerald.

Scourge: It was the master emeralds power that turned me green in the first place. If i give it back, I'll look just like that moron Sonic, Then they'll HAVE to believe its him.

Scourge said as he jumped onto the master emerald. he closed his eyes and once he did so the master emerald glowed, the green looked to be melting off of scourge as he began to turn blue. Scourge then took off his jacket and sunglasses, and by time the transformation was complete, Knuckles had woken up, he looked to the master emerald, the light slightly blinding him.

Knuckles: Sonic? what are you doing on the master emerald? You don't plan on taking it do you?

Knuckles said, the sound of his voice making Scourge flinch slightly.

--end music--
--start music: overworld theme (super mario world)--

Scourge: What? no! you know me..uh...pal. I was just making my way over here to see what you're up to.

Scourge said as Knuckles uncovered his eyes to see what looked exactly like sonic...except.

Knuckles: Sonic? what happened to your chest and stomach? what are those huge marks doing there?

Knuckles asked and Scourges eyes widened, he looked down and felt his belly.

Scourge: I..uh...tripped over a branch while running...ittle be gone soon don't worry about it.

Scourge replied, trying to make his story sound convincing, and, soon enough, Knuckles bought the story and sat back down

Knuckles: I told you you should be more careful running at speeds like that, but noooo no one ever listens to Knuckles. Whatever Sonic, just keep your mits off my master emerald.

Knuckles said and Scourge nodded, at the same time, stared in utter surprise.

Scourge: No worries Knucklehead, (MAN this guy is a dumbass!)

--end music--

Scourge said as he jumped off of the master emerald and off of angel island

Scourge: Plan to Take Sonic's place in mobius and rule all is a go!

Scourge said as he continued to free fall down toward the ocean. meanwhile, a figure stood by, watching Scourge the entire time.

???: You? Rule all? I don't think so....

The figure stated, a slight glow coming from it

???: Once I remove Sonic from the picture, I'm going to destroy EVERYTHING.....we will see how much you have to rule once I'm finished.

The figure said, taking a step back and walking away.


act 1: end
While the worlds of equestria are at peace, things that lurk in the dark plot against them.

all characters belong to their respective owners.

Shadow: =.= wait, is this a filler too?
Twilight: no no this is canon
applebloom: wait a minute? fillers arent canon? does that mean our superhero adventure was for nuthin?
Scootaloo: WHAT!? when I find this TJ guy im SO gonna--
Twilight: no no no. just because its filler doesnt mean its not canon, this particular episode just happens to not be filler. when its filler it just means that it doesnt quite follow what TJ originally had in mind thats all, dont worry your adventure was canon applebloom scootaloo and sweetie belle.
Pinkie pie: my pet alligator
Shadow: have a pet alligator?
Pinkie pie: yep!!
shadow:.................................friggin awesome
Pinkie pie: what? i didnt hear--
Shadow: NOTHING!
TJ: yes yes this is all canon
Twilight: your late
TJ: its nice to see you too.
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Do more descrpitions like this!
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I'm thinking its already late, but I keep on thinking Derpy is going to see a bit more in the near future. I don't know where she'll fit in, though.
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Gullible, Gullible Knuckles, smdh ,. but Amazing chapter !
Klonoahedgehog Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012  Student Digital Artist
"Knuckles: I told you you should be more careful running at speeds like that, but noooo no one ever listens to Knuckles. Whatever Sonic, just keep your mits off my master emerald."

Yeah that line totally got me! XD
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probably not. if they do they will be cameos instead of full blown characters, names may be mentioned. my reasoning for this is because the FCs appearance were specific to season 2, plus they added more characters to work with. Not that im complaining. i enjoyed all of the FCs.
NightSilverChelly Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012
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