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Episode 18: Faker!
act: 2

Equestria: Ponyville:

--start music: super mario world athletic (super mario world)--

A pink flash rushes through Ponyville.

Pinkie pie: GUMMY! GUMMY! GUMMY!!!!!

Pinkie pie called as she rushed as fast as she could through Ponyville. She forced her way into shops, homes, and even other ponies searching frantically for her lost pet alligator.

Pinkie pie: sorry! sorry!!!! GUMMY!!

Pinkie pie said as she crashed through the door of another pony's home and out the back door. The pony poked her head out of the gaping hole that pinkie just caused and frowned, she had an aquamarine coat magic mint mane with a white streak and a lyre for a cutie mark.


The pony yelled out to pinkie pie who stopped In her tracks to face this pony, the frantic expression still on her face.

Pinkie pie: Oh lyra! I'm so sorry! please forgive me I just REALLY REALLY need to get going!

Pinkie pie said, identifying the pony as lyra.

Lyra: so you crashed through my home?

Lyra asked gesturing to the giant hole in her wall. Pinkie pie crouched nervously but then popped back up remembering her task.

Pinkie pie: Oh, uh, sorry Lyra, tell you what, I'll pay for it, j-just as soon as I find Gummy!

Pinkie pie said as she dashed off again, Lyra stared at pinkie pie as she ran away and got a confused face.

Lyra: ...but.....hes right there....

Lyra said as she gave a shrug and turned around, reminded that her house is now a big mess by the sound of wood falling to the floor. she gave a small sigh and walked back inside. Meanwhile, Pinkie pie continued on through ponyville, checking every spot possible.

--music end--

Mobius: Ocean under angel island: Shore:

Scourge, after jumping off of angel island, fell into the ocean and made his way to the shore, where he stood staring into the chaos emerald he took from knuckles.

Scourge: gonna be fun.

Scourge said as he raised his hand and called out the words "chaos control".


Equestria: Ponyville:

Once he did he was teleported directly to Equestria. However, unknown to him, immediately before teleporting two figures rushed behind him at blinding speeds, merely touching his back to be teleported along with him. The figures did not appear with him. once Scourge entered Equestria, he looked around

Scourge: pitiful, just pitiful...I can't wait to--
Pinkie pie: HI SONIC! BYE SONIC!

Pinkie pie called out quickly as she rushed by scourge nearly flattening him in the process of going past him.

Scourge: HOLD UP!!!!!

Scourge said, matching Sonic's voice perfectly, being his double and all.

Scourge: Just what is all the rush about?

Scourge said and Pinkie pie answered

Scourge: Who is....Gummy? (Sounds like a pet name, Gummy...what is it some somethin...)

Pinkie pie said and Scourge gave a look of disbelief, if he were eating something when she had said that he would surely have choked to death.

scourge said, Scourge looked over Pinkie pie's shoulder and then back at Pinkie pie, having looked over her shoulder helped him confirm what was said in his mind.

Scourge: (is she blind?)

Scourge said as he stared at Pinkie pie.

Pinkie pie: I could REAAALLLY use some--
Scourge: Is that alligator behind you gummy?
Pinkie pie: Behind me? Why thats just-- OH MY GOSH!!!

Pinkie pie said as she turned around to see Gummy directly behind her, Scourge facepalmed and sighed.

Scourge: So, I guess its safe to assume that you're the idiot of this world?

--start music: bad situation (naruto OST)--

Scourge said and Pinkie pie looked up at him.

Pinkie pie: Thank you SOOOOOO much for helping! I KNOW! Lets throw a party! an AWESOME PARTY! Celebrating my reunion with Gummy!!!!

Pinkie pie said as she dashed off happily carrying Gummy in her mouth. All the ponies stared at pinkie as she ran by then looked to Scourge.

Pony1: did he really say that?
Pony2: mean can you get?
Pony3: I dont even think pinkie heard him, poor mare
Pony4: Stupid mobian.....
???: YOU KNOW WHAT!!!!

A number of ponies all said simultaneously, the fifth pony jumping out of the crowd, It took a while for anyone to see her but after a bit it turned out to be scootaloo.

Scootaloo: You think that just because YOU came here and helped us out that you can come here and do whatever the flip you want! Insult ponies! Destroy stuff! Steal otherpony's friends! disregard that last part but STILL! what makes you SOOOOO cool anyway! I don't know what Rainbow dash sees in you but I KNEW you were bad news!

Scootaloo announced and Scourge gave her an evil smirk. he knelt down to her and flicked her nose.

Scourge: And just what are YOU gonna do about it squirt? I'm Sonic the damned hedgehog! I'll do as I please around these parts, you guys owe me big time for saving your pathetic world anyways.

Scourge said, at the sound of the swear word, Ponies began to cover their childrens ears and glare at scourge.

scootaloo: There are kids here yknow!

Scootaloo and another pony called as the rest of the ponies began to talk.

Twilight: Sweetie belle told me to come here, what seems to be all the....

Twilight asked as she began to walk through, and upon seeing Sonic she grew a slight smile.

Twilight: Sonic? What are you doing here? Did Celestia talk to you about that attack from your world?

Twilight asked and Scourge smirked

Scootaloo: Don't talk to him Twilight! hes nothing but a big old JERK!
Twilight: Don't be mean Scootaloo, Sonic has done alot to--
Pony3: But its true! He waltzed in here, Insulted pinkie pie, and started bad mouthing scootaloo!

One of the ponies said and Twilight Looked to Scourge.

Twilight: Sonic? Is this true?

Twilight asked and Scourge gave a smile

Scourge: ( HAH! this is perfect, although this might be difficult, looks like some ponies around here have alot of faith in sonic, I think I should stick around here for a while, I can Easily break them out of that habit.) Uh...oh...did I hurt their feelings? I'm sorry, I-I just don't know what came over me...can you all forgive me?

Scourge said and Twilight looked to the rest of the group, the ponies all smiled and discussed amongst themselves, deciding to forgive the fake sonic for his deeds.


Scootaloo called and Scourge knelt down to her reaching his arm around her and leaning to her ear.

Scourge: OHHH scootaloo *whisper* listen to me, you little brat...If you screw this up for me I will personally end this understood?

Scourge said and at that moment scootaloos eyes shrank, she nodded slowly and looked up

Scootaloo: sonic is......more than scary

Scourge: *whispers* and dont you dare tell ANYONE about this, its a matter of life and death ( HAHAH this is so much FUN! shes TOTALLY gonna ramble this all over somebody she "really trusts". sonic is TOAST!)

scourge said as he stood up and scootaloo looked down

--music end--

Scootaloo: Uh...Im..sorry...mister sonic

Scootaloo said, saying the last part angrily through her teeth.

Twilight: Thank you Scootaloo, cmon sonic, now that your here why don't you hang out with us for a while? Rainbow dash and the others would be REALLY happy to see you.

Twilight said and Scourge smirked.

Scourge: It...would be my pleasure

Scourge said as he and Twilight walked toward Twilight's home.


act 2: end
Scourge enters ponyville disguised as sonic.

shadow: hes been following you the whole time
Pinkie pie: I KNOW RIGHT! i mean, who would have thought?
Shadow:.......its ok pinkie pie

All characters to their respective owners.
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Darksonic48 Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2013
You know Scourge has different shoes then sonic (I just realized this today after looking at some comics)
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Ohhhh this is gonna be some type of hell for Sonic when he gets there. , smdh
Lost-Our-Dreams Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2012  Student Digital Artist
stargazerdragon Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2012
Wonder when is sonic going to find out....
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