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Episode 18: Faker!
act: 3

Equestria: Everfree forest: near ursa majors cave:

--start music: Event 7 (sonic adventure 2)--

While scourge was teleporting to equestria, two figures had forced themselves into the teleportation, one of which now stands in the middle of the everfree forest.

???: So, the Anti-sonic plans to break the trust between this world and mobius....that plan isnt bad....too bad im not apart of it..

A silverish hedgehog like creature spoke as he sat down in front of a rock.

???: For now I'll let him have his fun...but once the war begins, I will jump in and destroy everything, There won't even be anything left for him to rule...

The figure spoke to himself as he looked at the trees.

???: I should be able to hide out here until it begins, The inhabitants of this world fear this forest for some reason...

He spoke again resting on the rock and taking a nap.

--end music--


Equestria: Arctic North:

--start music: mephiles' theme (sonic 06)

In the midst of the freezing cold, a golden hedgehog like creature stood looking upon the crystal kingdom. The only response he gave, was  a wide, wicked, and toothy smile.

???: It begins...

He said as he looked in other directions and flew upward dashing toward a random direction.

--end music--


Equestria: Ponyville: Twilight's home:

Twilight and scourge, still disguised as sonic of course, walked into Twilight's home and closed the door behind them.

Twilight: Make yourself at home, your always welcome here in Ponyville Sonic,

Twilight said as she walked further inside, walking into her library to check on Spike, who was dusting her large collection of books.

Scourge: (Yeah you bet I'm always welcome, you should be more worried about whether or not YOU will be welcome in MY kingdom)

Scourge thought to himself as he walked inside, plopping himself on Twilight's bed. Upon entering the room, Twilight and Spike gave Scourge strange looks, they briefly looked at one another and then back to Scourge.

Twilight: Uh...That's my bed but....I guess its ok that you sit there, as long as you don't mess it took me a while to get it to look the way it does now.

Twilight said as she and Spike entered the room more, a pile of books hovering behind them with a purple aura surrounding them. The books were placed on the floor and Spike began to look through them. Suddenly, there was a loud bumping sound, as if someone had crashed into Twilight's window.

Scourge:..? What was that?

Scourge asked and Twilight looked up.

Twilight: I don't know...hold on.

Twilight said as she began to walk toward her window, once she got close a blue,rainbow flash burst in through the window slamming into twilight as bot the flash and Twilight were smashed into the wall. By the wall lay Twilight who was face down and Rainbow dash who was upside down with her hind legs against the wall. please...get off...

Twilight said and Rainbow dash rolled off of her, shaking her head and brushing herself off.

Rainbow dash: Sorry Twilight, I rushed over here as fast as I could! Pinkie pie told me that Sonic came to this world! So I was--
Twilight: Hes over there!

Rainbow dash started before Twilight interrupted, as if she had known what Rainbow dash was going to ask, Twilight pointed to her bed and on it relaxed Scourge, having already screwed up the bed itself and looking at his hand.

Rainbow dash: Hey Sonic!!

Rainbow dash called as she dashed toward Scourge

Scourge: Who are-- GAHH!

Scourge started before he was tackled and scooped up into the air in a hug.

Rainbow dash: Its great to see you again!
Scourge: (Ill assume this is Rainbow dash...) Rainbow dash...

Scourge said and Rainbow dash smiled placing him on the ground.

Rainbow dash: So what brings you back to Equestria?

Rainbow dash asked and Scourge dusted himself off.

Scourge: oh...yknow...just..looking around...I guess..

Scourge responded, unable to come up with a legitimate quick excuse. Rainbow dash looked to him and crossed her forelegs.

Rainbow dash: Looking around? For what?

Rainbow dash asked and Scourge looked up at her.

Scourge: Not anything in particular..just kind of...t--
Rainbow dash: I'm just messin' with ya, I don't really care! Cuz its obvious you came back just to check on us right?

Rainbow dash said and Scourge looked around nervously then back at Rainbow dash

Scourge: uhh..Yeaaahh..You got me.

Scourge said and Rainbow dash hovered down to the floor, soon, there was a knocking at the door. Twilight had walked to the door to open it, and there stood Rarity, Pinkie pie, Applejack, and Fluttershy. Pinkie pie hopped inside and the rest followed walking behind her.

Rarity: she told me the same thing earlier...I didn't even know that her alligator was lost....

Pinkie pie and rarity said as they walked in.

Applejack: Heard sonic's made his way back into ponyville, Reckon I'd drop by and say hi.

Applejack said as the rest of the ponies walked inside. Scourge looked to the ponies in confusion.

Scourge: ( who are they? How many friends did this idiot make in this world?)

Scourge said as he sat up and placed his feet on the floor.

Pinkie pie: Guys! Guys! Im throwing a party for my reunification with Gummy! and now its a "reunification with Gummy AND Sonic" Party! You guys wanna come?

Rarity: To Sugarcube Corner? Sounds good to me Pinkie pie
Applejack: A party with Pinkies always a good time, count me in.
Fluttershy: oh, Ill come too. Ill be late because...I have to make sure Angel and Tails are tucked in bed and asleep.
Rainbow dash: Aww yeah! Sounds awesome! I'm Totally in!
Twilight: Sounds like fun, would you like to come Sonic?

Twilight asked as the others expressed their opinions on the party. Scourge stood to his feet and folded his arms.

Scourge: yeah..I guess...

Scourge said as he and the others walked outside toward sugarcube corner, Fluttershy toward her cottage of course to make sure Tails and Angel were asleep.


Mobius: Tails' workshop:

Sonic: Ready to go buddy?
Tails: yeah, do we have everything?

Sonic and Tails said as they had packed a couple of backpacks.

Sonic: Yeah, Chaos emerald and all. Lets head to Equestria and see if we can't get this mess sorted out.

Sonic said as Tails walked over toward him, Sonic raised his hands and uttered the words "chaos control" and in that moment, both Sonic and Tails had disappeared.


Act 3: End
Episode 18: End

--start ending theme: Planet Glitch Wisp(s2jdfgs)--
--end ending theme--


Scenes from next episode

--start music: scenes from next episode (death note)--

Scourge: Probably the prissiest pansiest world ive EVER come into contact with.



Scourge and the ponies enter pinkie pies party, that of which is already going on


Sonic: Whatever is happening here i dont like it, Im gonna figure out whats going on as fast as i can!



Princess celestia angrily reads a letter delivered to her


Episode 19: Party!

Rainbow dash: its great to have you back sonic!


Scourge is led to Twilights home where he meets the rest of the mane six, meanwhile the two other hedgehogs are elsewhere in Equestria.

All characters to their respective owners!
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stargazerdragon Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2012
Time to prove whos fake once and for all...
Klonoahedgehog Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Why do i keep expecting that cliche where there are two of one character and they have to ask something only the real one knows?
fluffythehedgehog12 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
No, I feel it too.
Lost-Our-Dreams Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Rainbow Dash: Chaos Control to get to Equestria? Why didn't they think of that seven years ago!? I've missed Sonic to much D:<
Kat: Darn, now I can't get flithy rich teleporting Mobians and ponies to and from Mobius and Equestria... lol
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