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July 26, 2012
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Episode 2:Contact
act 1


after temporarily defeating discord, the mane six splits in the direction they came toward celestias castle, where they saw her at the door.

celestia: ah, girls. im glad you made it so quickly.
twilight: your positive youve made contact with mobius?
celestia: youll have to come and see for yourself.

celestia said as they all walked into the castle, this time they walked in the opposite direction of celestias chamber, and went down a flight of stairs. they walked into a room with many unicorns earth ponies and pegasi in lab uniforms.

celestia: welcome to the testing room. weve all dedicated our research to the problem at hand, dropping everything to see if we could find this...mobius....and i have a feeling that weve found it.

celestia said as she led them to a door, behidn the door, were two other unicorns, who were evidently using their magic, being their horns were glowing, and in between them, a portal like device, which didnt seem to be directed at any certain place.

celestia: this is where we tuned in to different dimensions,

celestia said

unicorn1: your highness, what is the destination you wish for us to show you now?

the unicorn on the left spoke as celestia turned to them

celestia: please, show us the world of mobius.

celestia said as the unicorns horns began to glow brighter, and the portal switched to look like a screen, in the screen was a lush green landscape with flowers that danced and water that ran nonstop.

celestia: i believe this is the world of which you spoke of. mobius.

celestia said and the girls stared in awe.

fluttershy: why...its...beautiful!

fluttershy said watching little critters run around.

rarity: i agree, its so...
applejack: peaceful like.

applejack finished raritys sentance and they looked at one another then at celestia. who was also looking at that world

rainbow dash: but...i still dont know if thats mobius...the dream i had had no particular landscape.....all i saw was...that blue hedgehog.

rainbow dash said sadly and celestia looked at her

celestia: blue hedgehog? (thats right...she said that when she first told us about the dream...)

twilight: t..i think this is it..
celestia: oh?
twilight: its just a gut feeling. but....we cant get anywhere by just sitting here right?
rainbow dash: twilights right! we should step through and see!

rainbow dash said and celestia smiled

celestia: alright then. here is your mission. you are to enter this portal and find the blue hedgehog named sonic. and once he is found, you all need to bring him and his emeralds here to equestria where we will find out how to free the elements. understood?

celestia said and the mane six nodded. celestia walked over to the portal and used her magic to open it wider

celestia: good six

--start opening theme: sonic boom (sonic CD)--
--opening theme end--

celestia said as the mane six nodded and walked through the portal.



sonic tails and knuckles looked up from the emeralds and at each other

sonic: if we find out who fused them together we should be able to find a way to seperate them right?
tails: sonic i dont know, and even if i thought i knew itd only be speculation. we still dont know anything about the elements nor do we know anything about the world they come from.

tails said, when suddenly, the emeralds began to flash. they flashed for around two minutes and then the flashing subsided

tails: w....what was that????
knuckles: could it be that the emeralds still work after all??
sonic: only one way to find out

sonic said as he grabbed an emerald and shouted chaos control, which, did absolutely nothing.

sonic: this is just getting weirder and weirder!
tails: what was that flashing all about?
knuckles: lets take it back to your workshop
tails: right, maybe if i tinker around with them

tails said as he sonic and knuckles grabbed the emeralds and started back towards the workshop.


Elsewhere: unknown location

the mane six had entered through the portal to a mysterious land.

twilight:...its even more beautiful up close.....

twilight said as she looked around

rainbow dash: we have no time to lose! we need to find the blue hedgehog so that we can find out how to get our elements back!

rainbow dash said as someone walked by them

???: excuse me...are you lost?

the figure said, it was sillouhetted by the shadows being that it was in the shade.

twilight: oh, hello

???: !!?? you can talk? um. hi, i didnt know ponies could talk.

the figure said walking up, revealing to be a peach colored rabbit.

??? names cream...whats your name?

the rabbit introduced herself to be cream.

twilight: twilight....and...these are my friends...applejack
applejack: howdy
twilight: rarity
rarity: how do you do
twilight: fluttershy
fluttershy: ..........hi...
twilight: pinkie pie
pinkie pie: HI!
twilight: and rainbow dash
rainbow dash: hi...

twilight introduced her friends and cream smiled.

cream: thats really neat. oh...i almost introduce my friend too.

cream said as she turned to the trees and walked over

cream: its ok now, dont be shy. they are friendly.

cream said and out came a blue and yellow gel like creature with a bow tie

cream: this is my chao friend cheese.
cheese: chao chao chao.....

cream introduced the gel like creature and fluttershy looked kindly at it

fluttershy: oh...why thats just....adorable.
twilight: it is. but please little rabbit, can you tell us where we are?

twilight said and cream smiled walking over to twilight. she took twilights hoof and led her forward

cream: your in green hill silly. the most popular place to go in this world.

cream said and twilight kind of sweatdropped.

twilight: yeah...i get it but...what is this---WHOA!

twilight began, however cream broke out in a run forcing both twilight and the mane six to follow her

cream: come over to my house, its really fun, you should meet my mom vanilla, she really likes meeting my new freinds. oh, and blaze, she visits here sometimes too! you would really like meeting them!
cheese: chao chaaooooo!

cream said and cheese agreed.cream ran and ran until she and the mane six were in front of a small home, with a taller rabbit standing outside of it.

cream: mooom im home. i brought friends

cream announced her presence to her mother and the taller rabbit looked over

vanilla: oh, you have guests. and theyre all ponies.

vanilla said as she walked over and pet pinkie pie

vanilla: how very cute cream. what are theyre names?

cream: well this ones applejack, and this ones twilight, and this ones rainbow dash, and this ones pinkie pie, and this ones fluttershy, and this ones...humm mm...rarity.

cream said and twilight looked up at vanilla

twilight: its very nice to meet you maam

twilight said sort of surprising vanilla

vanilla: oh, you can talk. why thats just precious. ok cream, you can play with your new friends, just make sure not to do anything dangerous

creams mother warned and cream nodded.

cream: ok mommy
twilight: wait, miss i need to know what world are we--- AHH!!

twilight began until once again, she was pulled away by cream, forcing the others to follow as well.

cream: mom says that its rude to leave guests stranded, so ill let you all sleep in my room tonight, we can play games and watch tv.

cream said and twilight sweatdropped

twilight: ehhehe.....
rarity:  actually that sounds rather pleasant. a nice nights sleep will get us ready and raring to go to complete our next task in the morning

rarity said and cream got a curious face

cream: are you ponies on a mission?

cream asked in her child like voice. rainbow dash could only sort of chuckle and twilight smiled

twilight: why yes, were on a very important mission, you see, we have to--

twilight began before rainbow dash cut her off.

rainbow dash: dont tell her! shes just a kid, she wouldnt understand anyway. lets all just go get some sleep so we can figure this out in the morning.

rainbow dash said as the others agreed and cream led her new friends to her bedroom.

cream: im sorry, i only have one bed, but i have some pillows you can sleep on....and blankets...and

rainbow dash: if its alright with you..ill be sleeping outside

rainbow dash said as she began to walk. cream got a worried look on her face and ran to stop rainbow dash

cream: cant. its dirty outside, youll get all dirty and then me and mommy will have to clean you up.

cream said and rainbow dash smiled.

rainbow dash: no need to worry about me, i have a way around that, you guys can just get some shut eye in here

rainbow dash said as she left the room and shut the door. she left the house and flew above it, gathering the few clouds that were there, and laying down on them

rainbow dash: ahhhhhh....much better...

she said, and after a few moments. she fell asleep.


mobius: tails' workshop

at tails' workshop, sonic and his friends sat in thought.

tails:.....nothings changed....theyre the exact same way they were before the flashing...
sonic:  man....all this is making my brain hurt.....

sonic said and knuckles scoffed at him provoking sonic to give knuckles a glare. tails turned to the two and frowned

tails: you guys stop it!

tails said as he turned back to the emeralds. he sighed and turned off his lamp.

tails: this is really difficult. who could have the power to shut down the chaos emeralds completely....

tails said folding his arms and looking down in thought

sonic: cant be eggman thats for sure. judging by the way he attacked us for the emeralds back there, he probably doesnt even know they dont work right now...

sonic said as he also looked down. sonic then got up from his seat and began walking up the stairs

tails: sonic, where you going?
sonic: imma go to bed...trying to figure this outs really got me weary. maybe if i sleep on it ill be able to figure it out...

sonic said and tails nodded to him. sonic walked to his room and got into his bed. he turned of his light, and went to sleep.



sonic sat leaning against the glass in the middle of the random dark void. rainbow dash was already there.

rainbow dash: hey again.
sonic: hey..

sonic responded to rainbow dash's greeting and things were silent for a while. the only sound was that of their breathing. then rainbow dash turned to face the glass

rainbow dash: sonic, i think...i think that we might have made it to your world.

rainbow dash said, this caught sonics attention and he turned around.

sonic: my world? but how??
rainbow dash: trust me, it wasnt easy.
sonic: do you know the world your in is mine?
rainbow dash: ..well.....we dont...but a nice girl took us in....

rainbow dash said and sonics eyes narrowed.

sonic: who?

he said and rainbow dash looked up at him

rainbow dash: her name was......cream....i think...

rainbow dash said and sonics eyes widened. he couldnt believe what he was hearing, that the blue pegasus had actually made it to his world.

sonic: green hill zone.....

sonic said to himself rainbow dash barely heard him. she stood to her hoofs and looked at him.

rainbow dash: huh?
sonic: your hill zone
rainbow dash: green hill zone?? thats exactly what cream said! so then...we are in your world after all arent we! listen sonic, i need you to tell us your location, we have to find you, the faster we find you, the faster we can---


mobius: green hill zone: creams home

rainbow dash began but before she could finish she could hear creams voice and she woke up.

cream: raaaiinbow daaaaash. oh nooo where did she go!!? did i scare her away? maybe....maybe she doesnt like me...

cream said ash she buried her face in her hands and began to cry. rainbow dash soon went down and stood next to cream

rainbow dash: hey whats wrong?
cream: r..rainbow dash? rainbow dash!

cream said giving rainbow dash a hug. rainbow returned the hug and looked at cream

rainbow dash: (well sonic seemed to know what i was talking we go) hey you know what will make you feel better?
cream: oh, i feel much better now that i know your okay miss rainbow dash.

cream replied with a happy smile. rainbow dash smiled back and put her hoof on creams shoulder

rainbow dash: why dont we go and see where sonic the hedgehog is

rainbow dash said and everypony got shocked faces at what rainbow dash had said. cream then got a bright smile on her face.

cream:.....mister sonic?

act 1: end
Sonic and MLP the elements of chaos episode 2 act 1.

after defeating discord, the girls reach celestia to another chamber where unicorns do research. have they found what they have been looking for?
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fluffythehedgehog12 Feb 13, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I just started reading this and I just have to say: long story short, I squeal like a 5-year-old girl every time I finish a part.
ho my godness... created the image that describes the arc of the story or that good ^ ^
TJ0001 Jul 27, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
X3 thank you!
Bravo Man Bravo! nice chapter. Keep up the good work
TJ0001 Jul 27, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
thanks :D your approval means alot
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