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Episode 2: Contact
act 2

mobius: ice cap zone

two figures stood on a platform at the face of a small mountain.

???: looks like ive underestimated those ponies after all......

a voice called out speaking to the other figure on the platform.

???: it seems so...

the other voice called out as the figures stared out to the landscape of ice cap

???: what do we do now?
???: isnt it obvious? we have to keep those idiotic ponies away from sonic the hedgehog...if they reach him then they will delay our plans greatly....we may even have to step in ourselves to deal with them....

the voices conversated to one another. the figure on the left side sighed and looked up

???: then it seems im going to have to hold them off, why dont i send them a little....welcoming gift....

the figure on the left said as it opened its eyes to reveal emerald green demonic like eyes

mobius: green hill zone: creams home

twilight: i thought you said that you didnt want to tell her about the mission because she was a kid!

twilight said giving rainbow dash a smug look

rainbow dash: well yeah at first, but then i had that dream again! sonic the hedgehog and cream, they know each other!

rainbow said and twilight looked at her.

cream: oh yes, sonic has saved this world alot of times. we have a lot to thank of him. its too bad hes never around to chat with us. he always speeds off whenever we try
cheese: chao chaoo

cream said and cheese agreed. rainbow dash looked at cream and smiled

rainbow dash: well do you know where sonic might be right now? its really important that we find him

rainbow dash said and cream looked down in thought

cream: hmmmmm i dont know...he lives with his friend tails at his workshop.

cream said and the ponies looked at her

ponies: tails?
cream: yes, he and sonic are best friends. if you want, i can take you there and see if theyre home.

cream said and twilight nodded happily

twilight: if you would please, it would really help us alot.

twilight said and cream smiled grabbing twilight by the hoof. she began walking and looked back to see her mom

cream: hey mom, im going to take my friends so they can meet mister sonic is that okay?

cream said and vanilla waved at her

vanilla: okay dear. tell sonic i said hello, and be back before sundown.

vanilla replied and cream nodded turning back around and leading twilight further away from her home and out of green hill zone.

-- begin event music: overworld theme 2 donut plains (super mario world)--

cream continued to lead the ponies through, and soon they reached a forest like area fluttershy, curious about cheese, trotted up to cream and looked at her

fluttershy: um..hey cream
cream: hi there fluttershy. is there something you need?
fluttershy: oh, um, actually, i just wanted to ask....what exactly is your special flying friend.

fluttershy asked and cheese landed atop fluttershys head startling her a bit. she jumped but calmed down when she realized it was cheese

cheese: chao chaooo!!
cream: thats my chao friend cheese.
ponies: chao?
cream: yes. chao are very cute and friendly pets. like cheese here

cream said giving cheese a hug. cheese returned the hug and the dot above cheeses head popped into a heart.

fluttershy: where might i find one of my own...theyre just...adorable.

fluttershy said as they walked and cream smiled.

cream: ive had my buddy cheese for as long as i can remember....maybe mister sonic knows where to find them

cream sad as they walked through. for the most part it seemed to be going well, however that couldnt last, for too long.

--music end--

something swiftly moves past the ponies and cream, each of them saw what had happened and looked at one another

applejack: what in tarnation was that!

she asked as she looked around

???: oh, im sorry, please allow me to introduce myself.

a voice called out as a black energy like wave began to swirl in front of the ponies and build up. they didnt know what it was they were looking at, but at the same time, they knew it didnt look good. they stared until the energy built up completely to shape a black and gray hedgehog like creature with demonic eyes

???: mephiles.....and as far as you will go....

the hedgehog introduced himself and the ponies gulped.


mobius: tails' workshop

sonic woke up from his dream and rubbed his head

sonic: i cant believe it.....shes here....and in green hill zone of all places. i wish she coulda told me the rest of her plan...

sonic said to himself as he got up and walked down the stairs, where he found tails and knuckles discussing something

sonic: hey tails. hey knuckles. whats going on?

tails: the emeralds flashed again, so were looking into it some more.
knuckles: so far we still havent gotton anywhere

knuckles said the bad news not really surprising sonic in the slightest. sonic walked all the way down the stairs and stood in front of the two.

sonic: i had that dream again guys..

sonic said and tails looked up at him along with knuckles.

sonic: rainbow dash, shes here in mobius.

sonic said, and soon a knock was heard at the door. sonic opened it and to his surprise, it was cream, and six ponies

cream: hi

she said happily.

--random commercial break--
--commercial break end--

mobius: outside of green hill zone

rainbow dash scoffed at this new arrival and dashed forward

rainbow dash: and just who do YOU think you are bub! you think you can just stand in our way?

rainbow said and mephiles gave a very rare, but very wide and evil grin.

mephiles: oh....i can do much more than simply stop little ponies...

mephiles said as he spread out his amrs and two doubles appeared. cream cowered in fear cheese hugging her for comfort. rainbow dash grabbed cream and placed her on her back

-- start level music: white jungle (sonic adventure 2 battle) --

rainbow dash: CMON! were gonna bust right through these guys! cream, point out which way to go okay? hes not gonna stop us from reaching sonic!

rainbow dash said as she and the others dashed forward, mephiles was going to strike into them but rainbow dash flew directly over him and continued on, pinkie rarity and twilight were all lifted over mephiles by magic and fluttershy flew over him. they ran as fast as they could trying to keep up with rainbow dash, knowing that telling her to slow down probably wouldnt be an option. suddenly out of nowhere, blasts of energy started coming from the trees forcing the ponies to dodge them.

mephiles: i cant let you get through

mephiles stated as he began throwing more energy projectiles at the mares. rainbow dash easily dodged the attacks, while cream directed her path. then, suddenly mephiles appeared in front of rainbow dash, who in the nick of time dodged under him just before he was going to blast her face with energy, mephiles was then tackled to the ground by pinkie pie as she and the others kept running, mephiles, when tackled, dissolved into dark bubble like particles. however, the dark waves of energy kept coming rainbow dash kept dodging along with the others, suddenly, a massive wall of dark energy blocked their path, too big for rainbow to simply fly over, twilight, thinking quickly, shielded everyone with her magic, and they all went through the wall of energy, this however, greatly took its toll on twilights own energy and she became tired slowing down only a little. she was picked up slightly by fluttershy and encouraged to keep going. the attacks kept coming and the mane six could only dodge them. soon, mephiles appeared again, held out his hands and began charging an attack, rainbow dash then looked at cream.

rainbow dash: cream, hold on tight okay!

rainbow dash said and cream held onto rainbow dash's mane. rainbow dash then went as fast as she could slamming directly into mephiles. mephiles flew back and puffed into a load of bubble like particles as rainbow dash continued on

cream: wow miss rainbow dash, your pretty fast!
rainbow dash: heh, pretty fast? kid you aint seen nothin yet!

rainbow dash said as they neared the end of the forest. mephiles then blocked the end with two dopplegangers of himself standing at each of his sides rainbow dash kept going, soon she found applejack and pinkie pie next to her, they each tackled the mephileses powering through them and out of the forest

--music end--
--town mission clear jingle plays (sonic the hedgehog 06)--

rainbow dash looked behind her to see more particles emit from the forest and rush to the sky.

rainbow dash: now what was that all about??
twilight: i dont know, but lets hurry to sonics place before we get in another encounter like that.

twilight said as she moved on.


mobius: tails' workshop

sonic looked at cream and sort of smiled he then looked at rainbow dash.

sonic: its YOU!

sonic said and rainbow dash got confused,

rainbow dash: wha? what are you talking about?

rainbow dash said and sonic went up to her.

sonic: dont you remember! in my dream! we met!

sonic said and rainbow dash looked even more confused, however her face fixed and then she laughed a little

rainbow dash: ohhhh riiiiight...THAT dream...hehe..i almost

rainbow dash said putting on a fake smile. sonic then began to get a little suspicious.

sonic:....right....(maybe rainbow dash didnt have the same dream that i did....but then why were we able to communicate...and why would she tell me she were here. i dont know, maybe im overreacting.)

sonic thought to himself as he led rainbow dash and the others inside,


act 2 end
Sonic and MLP the elements of chaos episode 2 act 2.

after finally entering into sonics world, rainbow dash begin to wander the area before being spotted by the young rabbit, cream, whats in store in our heroes journey to find sonic the hedgehog, and will the chaos emeralds ever show any signs of life?

All sonic characters = :iconsegalogoplz: and :iconsonicteamplz:
All MLP characters = :iconfyre-flye: and :iconhasbroplz:
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