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Episode 2: Contact
act 3

mobius: tails' workshop

Sonic looked at the ponies walking in and sat down in a chair

sonic: so, who are your friends

sonic said and rainbow dash got wide eyed

rainbow dash: uhh..well um. im rainbow dash and..--

sonic: i know that....
tails: we do to. sonics told us plenty about his dream!

rainbow dash: (what dream...what are they talking about??) r..right. the dream. i forgot. hehe. anyway, um..

applejack: im appleja--- ahem

applejack started as she began to fix her accent

applejack: ahm applejack! pleasure to meetcha
fluttershy: hi im fluttershy

fluttershy said before pinkie pie punched her side with her hoof

fluttershy: oh fluttershy
rarity: rarity, at your service
twilight: and my name is twilight sparkle.

they each introduced themselves rather clumsily. sonic caught this clumsy act but he brushed it off and continued on.

sonic: well its nice to meet you guys and all, but how come you guys decided to come to this world?

sonic asked and rainbow dash looked around

rainbow dash: oh, uhh. actually, we need the uh....gems...sooo, we caaan, take them to our world....and find a way tooo...get the elements out

rainbow dash said adn sonic looked at her.

sonic:.......well why dont i come with you incase something goes wrong. that way you guys wont have to go back and forth to bring the emeralds back

sonic said and rainbow dash shook her hoofs and her head

rainbow dash: oh no no no its fine, you dont have to come with,

rainbow began and then she nudged twilight-

rainbow dash: because!!!

she said through her teeth and twilight looked up

twilight: oh! um, because uhh, weee dont want you to have to go through the trouble of having to follow us around all day. yeah...

twilight said and all the ponies gave a smile


sonic looked down and thought to himself silently, to him, something seemed really suspicious about their words and body language, no matter how many times he brushed it off, he just couldnt shake the feeling.


mobius: mystic ruins

rainbow dash and the others walked further away from the forest, so far, with no trouble at all.

cream: tails' workshop is close. we should be there soon.

cream said and twilight sighed

twilight: thank goodness. im glad we didnt run into any more attackers along the way. that was some serious stuff back there

twilight said and rarity trotted up beside her

rarity: do you think sonic knows that....thing too?

rarity asked and twilight sort of shrugged.

twilight: we wont know  until we make it to the workshop. we can ask sonic about this once we reach him.

twilight said as they began walking up a flight of stairs. soon, a nice sized area came into view with a place that read "tails' workshop" on a sign in front of a hut. rainbow dash looked up and pointed

rainbow dash: is that it?
cream: mmhmm. it looks like sonic is home too

cream said pointing to a window, she could see sonic in the window. it looked like he was conversating with someone, but who. rainbow dash and the others were actually quite anxious to meet this, blue hedgehog.

rainbow dash: (thats him....)

she thought to herself as they made it to tails' workshop. twilight then looked into the window and got a surprised face.

twilight: wont believe who hes talking to right now

twilight said and everyone else walked up to the window behind twilight

cream: who?

she asked and twilight turned to them

twilight: US!

she said and the other ponies plus cream got confused looks on their faces.

rarity: us?
applejack: you sure hun? i dont remember meeting sonic yet

applejack and rarity commented and twilight stood out of the way. twilight then pointed at the window and looked at the others

twilight: look!

twilight said and the others took a peek into the window.

rainbow dash: i dont know who they are but they arent us!
applejack: how dare them look alikes go around posin as us!

rainbow dash and applejack said quite annoyed at the situation.


mobius: tails' workshop

sonic tails and knuckles stared at the mares curiuosly, their odd behavior and random changes in accent and posture drawing a blank in sonics head. knuckles nodded to sonic and gave him the seven emeralds, which sonic was about to give to rainbow dash, however as soon as he took the first step, another rainbow dash burst into the door along with another applejack

RD1: STOP RIGHT THERE! sonic those guys are FAKES!

rainbow dash said and sonic got cofused

sonic: Huh?? two of them? wait a sec whats going on here!

sonic said giving the emeralds back to knuckles

RD2: (dammit! youve GOT to be kidding me! your telling me mephiles didnt take care of these idiots back there! )! sonic dont listen to her. were the real ones, we need to team up and get rid of them right away!
RD1: NO SONIC! IM THE REAL ONE! remember the dream we had? i met you before remember????? doesnt that ring any bells??

rainbow dash said as the others ran into the workshop too and sonic frowned.

sonic: (shes right...and she seems to remember the dream pretty well too. looks like that settles it.)

sonic thought to himself as he pointed at RD2.

sonic: who are you, and why are you impersonating rainbow dash. are you the one who caused the elements and the emeralds to fuse?

sonic said and RD2 chuckled.

TS1: theres only one pony i know who has the ability to transform into anypony she sees....isnt that right....chrysalis...

twilight said and the doubles stood face to face with the originals. soon, the double of cream applauded

cream2: seems your all better than i thought. ive highly underestimated you all

said the cream double as she flashed. out of the flashing, came a black unicorn/pegasus mare with a long dark blue mane. she had an evil grin and her legs had dents and holes in them, not to mention her horn was messed up as well. the others all transformed into smaller ponies but similar to what chrysalis looked like.

chrysalis: hehe, twilight sparkle...we meet again.
twilight: i didnt really ask for a reunion chrysalis. you came close to ruining my life before, what are you up to now!?

twilight demanded an answer and chrysalis laughed.

knuckles:...w...whats going on?

knuckles asked and sonic looked back

sonic: the ones we were talking to are fake! i dont know who these other ponies are but they arent with us, and if they arent with us....

sonic said walking to twilights side between her and applejack

sonic: theyre against us.

sonic said and chrysalis laughed even more.

chrysalis: you all think that you can take me on do you? well see about that. CHANGELINGS! ATTACK!

--start boss music: battle scene/final boss golden sun (super smash bros brawl)--

soon the changlings swarmed around our heroes beginning to transform. they all transformed into dopplegangers of our heroes and twilight looked at everyone

tails: you guys! we need to stay close together, dont get in the mix of everything
twilight: hes right! cmon you guys lets do this!

twilight said as she used her magic to take out a number of twilight dopplegangers and bowl them into the wall. sonic curled up into a ball and began spinning until he finally dashed toward his dopplegangers who countered him with the same attack, the original however sprang up and came back down with the stomp attack forcing the dopplegangers to the ground fluttershy took on hers in the air as she flew upstairs then back downstairs then out the window with her dopplegangers chasing her

tails: w..where are you going!!
fluttershy: im sorry!!

she said as she flew up in the air. she finally stopped and turned around, her expression saying that she was obviously annoyed, she flew over to them and bucked one of them, the one bucked was sent crashing into another and into a tree. fluttershy ducked her head and looked at them

fluttershy: sorry if that kind of deserved it for messing with my sorry

she said slowly flying back through the window. applejack lassoed her dopplegangers and tied them all together, bucking the bundle into the wall and tipping her hat

applejack: now i reckon THATS how its done.

applejack said and she went to help tails who was also dealing with a doppleganger problem. rarity looked around at the materials of the room and then at the dopplegangers, she ripped a curtain off its rack and used it to tie up a few of the dopplegangers, she then bucked the rest and they flew into tails' table, thankfully for tails, nothing was knocked over. rainbow dash sped around and around being closely followed by her clones. one of the clones grabbed rainbows legs managing to tackle her to the ground, soon all of rainbows clones dog piled on her, but this wasnt enough to stop her, using the strength of her wings and legs combined she broke free pushing up with her wings and bucking with her legs, the force sent the dopplegangers crashing through the wall and at least 3 trees before finally skidding on the ground. knuckles took out his just as strong (but just as dim witted) dopplegangers by using the shovel claw for a more powerful and effective punch, any attempt to counter the original knuckes was foiled when knuckles used his shovel claw to plow through his clones. soon, all of the dopplegangers were on the floor, leaving only chrysalis. our heroes stared at her and she glared back with much anger

chrysalis: fine, if you want something done right you have to do it yourself..

chrysalis said as she began to fly in the air. she quickly transformed popping into discord. the ponies looked as the discord fake began an attack with his claws, it sideswiped rarity who tumbled across the room and out a hole in the wall, it then swiped at twilight who tumbled across the room in the opposite direction crashing into a wall

rainbow dash: t..TWILIGHT!
fluttershy: and rarity too!!!

fluttershy and rainbow dash called out worriedly and the fake discord laughed

Fdiscord: ahhh no more magic to deal with. lets see how you ponies handle me without your precious unicorn magic to help you!

the fake discord said and sonic frowned


he said as he ran a circle around the fake discord creating a large blue tornado, this caught the fake off guard and he became stunned and dizzy, leaving him open for an attack by rainbow dash and applejack, rainbow dash flew up and bucked him in the head while applejack aimed for the gut. rainbow dash landed near sonic while applejack flipped off of the fake and landed in the spot she came from.

rainbow dash: wow there sonic, your pretty fast on your feet arencha?

rainbow dash complimented and sonic looked at her

sonic: pretty fast? heh, you aint seen nothin yet!

sonic said and rainbow dash smiled as they both faced forward, now looking at chrysalis who had changed back.

chrysalis: it seems your all pretty formidable opponents as a team, but how about this

chrysalis said as she transformed into nightmare moon. soon, a large ball of dark energy swirled above the fake nightmare and she launched a barrage of attacks at everyone. sonic and rainbow dash easily dodged and evaded these attacks using their own speed. the fake nightmare lifted up her forelegs and screeched, this left her open for a buck by applejack directly to the stomach, knuckles then used brute force and punched the fake far into the wall leaving a dent.

applejack: heh, quite the right hook ya got there pardner

applejack said and knuckles smiled

knuckles: thank you, now lets finish this!

knuckles said and chrysalis came back in her normal form, she was now very angry

chrysalis: IVE HAD ENOUGH!!

she said as clouds began to form and grow inside the room, lightning struck down and chrysalis looked down at everyone. she raised one hoof and the lightning ceased, she lowered it and the lightnign began again, this time, aiming for everyone. they dodged the best they could as the lightning kept coming. soon the lightning ceased again and fluttershy bucked chrysalis' face leaving chrysalis to cover her face up with her hooves, this left her open by an attack by cream and cheese, cheese became surrounded by a barrier and cream pointed at chrysalis, the chao launched itself at chrysalis striking the body, finally, sonic and rainbow dash together rammed into chrysalis at the body, the momentum and force was enough to launch chrysalis through the roof and away from the group. chrysalis made a painful yell as she was launched out of the workshop.

--song end--
--stage clear jingle plays (sonic adventure 2)--

rainbow dash: ALRIGHT! look at who the winner is!
applejack: and dont you come back neither!

rainbow and applejack commented happy and satisfied with their victory. rarity soon came walking in the door of the workshop groaning.

rarity: ohhhh.....what happened..

she said a bit dazed. twilight also managed to regain her consciousness. she looked around a bit and shook her head

twilight: well im glad thats over.....

twilight said as rainbow dash and the others walked to confront sonic tails and knuckles. sonic and rainbow dash stared at each other, they walked up to one another and reached out. sonic grabbed rainbow dashs hoof still finding it hard to believe that not only was she real, but there was no longer a glass wall between them.

episode 2 end
act 3 end

--start ending theme: cloudsdale sanctuary (… ) --
--ending theme end--


scenes from next episode:

--start music: scenes from next episode music (death note)--

sonic and RD: i finally found you

meeting between sonics group and twilights group

sonic and RD: we know what we have to do now

sonic and rainbow dash wander into a cave

sonic: lets blast through with SONIC SPEED!

episode 3: speed

rainbow dash: episode three, speed

sonic: together now, rainbow dash!

sonic and MLP the elements of chaos episode 2 act 3

after rainbow dash and the others confront a being named mephiles, they continue toward the workshop hoping to find sonic. mean while, sonic tails and knuckels hear a knocking at the door, and its......cream and the six ponies?????

All sonic characters= :iconsegalogoplz: and :iconsonicteamplz:
all MLP characters= :iconfyre-flye: and :iconhasbroplz:
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