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July 31, 2012
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Episode 3: Speed
act 3

Twilight and the others stared upon the burning canterlot as they walked further out of celestias castle, which was actually quite undamaged.

sonic: discord?

sonic asked walking alongside twilight as they went through town.

twilight: yes....discord is a chimera from our world....and..well as you can see......he is the bringer of chaos.

twilight said as sonic looked around at the terrified faces of everypony. suddenly, something ran across the ponies heads


applejack shouted and the other ponies looked at her

applejack: oh no, we have to get back to sweet apple acres! twilight im beggin ya please!

applejack pleaded and twilight nodded.

rarity: i hope sweetie belle is okay....

rarity said sadly and twilight nodded.

twilight: i guess well be going to sweet apple acres first then, we need to round everypony up and make sure their okay.
tails: do you think it would go faster if we split up into groups?

tails asked and twilight looked down in thought.

twilight: your right tails well each split up into groups of three since there are nine of us.

twilight said, in that instant, rainbow dash immediately volunteered to group with sonic, who was happy to oblige.

rainbow dash: SWEET! whaddaya say sonic, race to ponyville?
sonic: your on!

sonic and rainbow dash both grinned and twilight went between them

twilight: knock it off you two, now isnt the time for casual races. we need to make sure everypony is okay. so heres our groups. sonic, rarity has the chaos emeralds, so she will be going with you and rainbow dash. ill be tagging along with knuckles and applejack, while tails goes with fluttershy and pinkie pie. any objections

twilight said and everyone shook their heads. with that said, they all went to their respective groups.

twilight: okay, knuckles applejack and i are going to go to sweet apple acres to check up on applebloom and the rest of her family, tails, i want you to make sure that everyone in ponyville is ok with your group. let fluttershy or pinkie pie lead the way since you dont know the area very well, and sonic, i want you rainbow dash and rarity to go and find where princess celestia or princess luna might be. rainbow dash or rarity will tell you once they see them. is that understood?

twilight said and the rest nodded. twilight then smiled a hopeful smile and looked at everyone else.

twilight: alright then, lets go!

twilight said as the groups split apart.


mobius: ice cap zone

mephiles: dammit!

mephiles called out slamming his fist into a cave wall.

mephiles: those ponies are far stronger than i expected....ive underestimated them.
chrysalis: sonic was with them...its only a matter of time before they figure out how to free the elements.

chrysalis responded to mephiles. soon, a changeling flew toward the two of them and whispered to chrysalis looks like we have ourselves a golden opportunity
mephiles: what are you talking about?

mephiles said as chrysalis gave a wicked smile

chrysalis: sonic and the ponies have gone to equestria.

chrysalis said and mephiles folded his arms.

mephiles: how does that benefit us? that means that theyre closer to finding that princess your talking about,
chrysalis: think about it, with the amount of time that theyve been gone, and discord running loose, without those ponies equestria must be the equivalent to a burning wasteland right now.
mephiles: what are you getting at?
chrysalis, i think...its about time we create our own chaos. wouldnt you agree mephiles?
mephiles: yes......but before we do...i want to send one more thing through the portal...

mephiles suggested and chrysalis got a confused look.


equestria: ponyville: sweet apple acres

--level music start: crsis city (sonic 06)--

upon reaching sweet apple acres, applejack broke into a run towards her home watching it as flames reached out from it. she burst through the doors and looked back coughing a little

applejack:.a...applebloom? granny smith? big macintosh?

she called out as she heard a squeak in the corner of the room. she turned to twilight and twilight put a bubble around applejacks head using her magic so that she didnt breathe in any smoke. she did the same with herself and knuckles. soon a filly stepped from the corner with a red mane and no cutie mark.

applebloom: b..big sis? is that you??

applebloom called out as she trotted forward to see twilight applejack and knuckles. she broke into a run and hugged her big sister, resulting in alot of coughing. applejack hugged her sister close and looked down at her

applejack: oh im so glad your okay! im mighty sorry for leavin yall here all alone, i..if i had been here i--
applebloom: its okay sis, i understand *cough*...we just gotta get outta here. sweetie belle and scootaloo are here too. granny smith and big macintosh are upstairs.

applebloom said cutting of applejacks apology. applejack then looked to knuckles. knuckles nodded and punched his fists together as he ran up the stairs moving rubble and fallen wooden beams out of his way. he found a pile of burning wood in his way and punched through it. he looked to see that there were a couple rooms. conveniently, the first room he went in had an old pony, and a stallion inside. they were both unconscious. knuckles picked them both up and carried them in each arm. he then went back through the path that he created going up the stars to go back down. he met twilight applejack and applebloom who were outside watching and hoping knuckles and the others would make it out okay. knuckles burst through a flame that caught at the as the bubble around his head disappeared. knuckles looked up at the burning home as it began to crumble and fall. he set down macintosh and granny smith next to applejack who leaned over the both of them with her sister

applejack: oh no...a..are they gonna be okay??

applejack asked leaning in on them. twilight put a hoof on each of their necks and leaned forward

twilight: therye still alive..both of them........which probably means we can take them and get out of here. ill put out the fires and catch up, you two go on ahead and make it to celestias castle, its the only place that doesnt seem to be affected by whatevers going on.

twilight said after thinking for a little bit...she then turned to applejack and knuckles

twilight: on second thought, no, dont go to celestias castle
applejack: well why not, we want them to be in a safe environment right?

applejack asked questioning twilights authority.

twilight: we do, but right now i dont think that the castle is any safer than here, thats probably where discord is hiding out, which would make sense as to why its the only place thats been unharmed. instead, just help me put out these fires.

twilight said as she put out the fires. applejack and knuckles helped and in no time the fires around sweet apple acres were extinguished.

--music end--


--level music start: kingdom valley water (sonic 06)--

equestria: ponyville

pinkie pie trotted along with tails and fluttershy as they walked around through ponyville. they went into each home and rescued as many ponies as they could. tails walked into a home and began using his tails to put out smaller fires so that they themselves couldnt spead, while pinkie pie somehow had water packed into her water canon using it to blast the fire away

fluttershy:....pinkie did you get water in there?
pinkie pie: ah ah aah! its a secret.

pinkie pie replied to fluttershy as she continued to put out fires. when fires were put out, tails and fluttershy went in and rescued the ponies, and at one point, rescued the mayor of ponyville.

mayor: oh thank goodness you ponies got here. i was afraid i was gonna be fried to a crisp

the mayor said and fluttershy nodded

fluttershy: please save your thanks for later, we still need to put out all these fires

fluttershy said and the mayor nodded in agreement. soon all the mares of ponyville were rescued and the fires put out, however something else showed up, some fiery creatures emited and spawned from the ground as if on cue with the rescue. the creatures were at least 8 feet tall, very muscular bipedal creatures each with three eyes a flaming body and four arms. another creature then emited, this one was huge reaching 40 feet high, bipedal, a fiery body, and a club. the giant swung its massive club at tails fluttershy and pinkie pie who dodged rolling to the side


pinkie pie said and tails looked at the massive creature and its small army and gulped. i wish sonic were here right now..

--music end--


--level music start: final rush (sonic adventure 2 battle)--

equestria: canterlot:

sonic rainbow dash and rarity all dashed, sonic and rainbow put out fires along the way using their speed to create massive tornadoes that blew the fires away as if they were candle flames. they then stopped their tornadoes and continued running slowing their speeds so that rarity could keep up.

sonic: so where do you think this princess is supposed to be anyway?

sonic asked as he ran, rarity looked at him as he slowed to run beside her

rarity: well if we can assume anything hes probably holding her captive in her own castle, right now lets get these fires put out and save the ponies of canterlot.

rarity said and sonic nodded as he put out more fires with rainbow dash. rarity used her magic to get the ponies and stallions out of the collapsing homes. soon enough, most of the fire was out and all the ponies saved. rarity sighed happy and content with herself once everyone was saved. inside a cave burned more fire, sonic and rainbow dash stopped by the cave and looked inside briefly before the fire sprang up in their face

sonic: we should put this one out too rainbow dash
rainbow dash: right!

they agreed as they both went into the cave putting out the fires, they soon finished and looked around. once the smoke from the fire cleared they could see some ponies took refuge inside the cave and sonic and rainbow dash led them out, the terrified ponies coughing and wheezing from the smoke.

--music end--

rarity sonic and rainbow dash all went back to the front of the castle, that was the first place they decided to look, however, they took a step onto the stairs of the castle and something burst out, crashing into sonics face and sending him back to crash into a house letting the house tumble down on him.

rainbow dash and rarity: SONIC!!

the two ponies cried out as they went to see if sonic was okay. soon, sonic burst from the rubble in a ball and landed next to the ponies. sonic looked around for his attacker along with the other ponies, until he found it. at the tip top of the castle he could see a figure with beaming red eyes staring down at him did he....
rainbow dash:...that must be....
rarity: who is that!!

they all questioned as they stared up at the figure on the castle.


equestria: ponyville

tails stared at the creatures in fear, but he did what he could to prevent them from attacking his friends. soon, a laser canon formed on his arm, he fired the laser at most of the creatures, putting a nice dent in their numbers. the bipedal giant swung its giant club yet again, aiming for tails, tails flew over the club and landed on it, as the giant brought up the club, tails attempted to attack it, but one of the smaller ones leaped into the air and tackled tails to the ground, burning tails with its fiery body. tails couldnt take it, he yelled out in pain as fluttershy and pinkie pie looked worriedly at him, they too were grabbed by a couple smaller bipedal creatures also being burned in the process, the giant raised its club again, and began to bring it down, the three heroes shut their eyes and braced for impact, but as soon as the club got close, a couple yellow glowing spears were shot at the beast making it lop and fall over destroying a number of the smaller beast when the giant landed on top of them. more of the same spears landed on the creatures holding our heroes down. soon, a black/scarlet tornado ran through between our heroes and the creatures, putting out any fires that they might have created. out of the tornado, a being stood in front of pinkie pie, staring at the creatures.

--start music: throw it all away (sonic adventure 2 battle)--

???: you and that idiot sonic really dont know when you should keep your nose where it belongs do you.

the being replied and tails looked up from his eyes being closed. he looked up and a smile hit his face


tails said and the being turned around. it was indeed shadow. he turned to look at the ponies and frowned.

shadow: when i saw you run into a portal followed by a bunch of candy colored horses this isnt exactly what i expected. but for now.....

shadow said as he faced the creatures again holding a yellow spear in his hand and glowing a red aura.

shadow: lets take care of these fools!

shadow said as he threw a massive spear at his foe and charged forward toward it along with tails fluttershy and pinkie pie.


Episode 3 end
act 3 end

--start ending theme: cloudsdale sanctuary (KingSpartaX37… )--
--ending theme end--


scenes from next episode:

--start music: scenes from next episode (death note)--

sonic: Whoever this discord is his idea of chaos is sick!

scene: shadow tails fluttershy and pinkie pie team up against the giant beast

rainbow dash: youve got no idea

scene: applejack twilight and knuckles confront discord
sonic and RD: but it doesnt matter! well pull through no matter what!

Episode 4: rescue

sonic: next time! Episode four! rescue!

rainbow dash: this is turning into one huge mess...


Sonic and My Little Pony: the elements of chaos episode 3 act 3

Twilight leads her old and new friends to equestria where she finds its in ruins? knowing that she left discord in her world for so long all she can really assume is that its his falut. our heroes split into groups to help save equestria from any further destruction.

All sonic characters= :iconsegalogoplz: and :iconsonicteamplz:
All MLP characters= :iconfyre-flye: and :iconhasbroplz:
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Might be metal sonic I thought its was iblis but then I realised that iblis has green eyes then I knew it was metal
fluffythehedgehog12 Feb 14, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I know I thought it was Iblis too.
fluffythehedgehog12 Feb 14, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Who wouldn't a?
ilovesonik Aug 2, 2012  Student Digital Artist
OMGOMGOMGOMGOMOGMOGMGOMOGMOGMGOMGOMGOMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE this is such a good story! i love how u post the next parts the in the next few days. most things they are like comics so they take like a month! :O I love mlp and sonic! this part is my fav cuz as soon as sonic teleported i was like > [link] (without the yay)
shadow?!?!? then as soon as he saved pinky and tails i was OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! SHADDDDDDDOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! i just got super excited and i seriously wanted to say "YAY!". BEST. STORY. EVA. period.
TJ0001 Aug 2, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
O.O WOW THANKS!!! im glad you approve! :iconyourocksonicplz: X3 i post a new one every day so look out :p
ilovesonik Aug 2, 2012  Student Digital Artist
yay! nice sonic thing xD
emirizahejjihoug Aug 1, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
can't wait for the next one! :la:
TJ0001 Aug 1, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
n_n its up. im glad you like it :D thanks for teh comment.
emirizahejjihoug Aug 1, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
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