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August 1, 2012
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Episode 4: Rescue
act 1

equestria: canterlot: outside of castle
upon stepping on the stairs of canterlot castle, a figure dashed the door and smashed into sonics face sending him back and into a house letting the place collapse on top of him

rarity and RD: SONIC!

rainbow dash and rarity cried as they both ran toward sonic to see if he was okay. sonic then burst out of the rubble and landed next to them. he looked around for his attacker until finally he looked up and found him. he found the figure at the tip top of canterlot castle staring at him with its beaming red eyes did he..
Rainbow that..
rarity: who is that!?

they all asked as the figure jumped down and landed in front of them

???: sonic the hedgehog...

the figure said and sonic looked at the robot in shock and slight fear.

sonic: no way...its
rainbow dash: that must be...

sonic and rainbow dash started as they both gulped

sonic and RD: METAL SONIC!!!

--start opening theme: Sonic Boom (sonic CD)--
--opening theme end--

-fight music start: The Doomsday zone remix (Project chaos)

metal sonic: inferior life forms, prepare to kneel before me....

metal spoke and all the three could do is stand and wait. soon however, metal sonic looked up, the red eyes beaming in the three heroes hearts as he looked up

metal sonic: ILL CRUSH YOU!!!!

metal sonic declared as he charged forward, he kicked both rarity and rainbow dash out of his way simply so that he could get to sonic. rarity skid across the ground but easily flipped back and landed back on her hooves. rainbow dash flipped backward in the air catching herself. sonic could only dodge metal sonic

sonic: geez metal! your even faster than you were before arentcha?

sonic said as he dodged more and metal only chased him down. rainbow dash flew in and bucked metal sonic only for metal sonic to flip backwards and go after sonic once again, who didnt have enough reaction time to dodge a blow to the head by metal sonic in his ball form sending sonic through yet another house. rainbow dash then flew toward metal bucking him yet again, this time landing down on him using her hooves to hold down his arms and legs. however, the rocket in metals back switched on and he boosted himself and rainbow dash into the air where she was forced to released him, metal kicked rainbow dash back down to the ground and she faceplanted.


rarity called out as she then ran forward

rarity: alright you piece of scrap metal! you can do what you want, but when you hurt my friends prepare to!

rarity declared as she used her magic to drag metal down toward her and buck metal into a tree. metal easily got up from this and scanned rarity quickly. once finished he jumped up after raritys second attempt to buck him.

metal: life form data successfully copied.

he said as he held out one hand and rarity began to glow an aura color much like her own.

rarity: whats this??

rarity said, and on cue metal sonic swung rarity up using her own magic, bringing her back down slamming her into the ground. metal sonic then landed on the ground and looked at the two ponies on the ground. very conscious but a little dazed. he walked over to where he threw sonic and picked him up by his neck

metal sonic:........there can only

--music end--


mobius: ice cap zone:

mephiles returned to chrysalis and sat on a rock looking quite content with himself.

chrysalis: what exactly did you send to them?

chrysalis asked and mephiles laughed to himself

mephiles: i sent an old rival of sonics to go and play with them for a little while. metal sonic should be able to hold them off long enough for our takeover to take an actual effect.

mephiles replied and chrysalis smirked at his planning.


equestria: ponyville:

--fight music start: terminal velocity act 1 (sonic colors)--

shadow looked at the giant beast and his eyes narrowed.

shadow: lets take care of these fools.

shadow said as he pinkie pie fluttershy and tails dashed at the beasts. pinkie pie used her party canon (now water canon) to blast away the beasts putting out the fire around them and thus making them quite useless, afterwards fluttershy and tails would go in and attack, tails grabbed fluttershy by the hooves and attacked via thundershoot destroying a very large number of enemies. fluttershy, after the attack, stood with her legs shaking looking at tails

fluttershy: um..please dont do that anymore...

fluttershy said and tails sweatdropped.

tails: hehe...sorry...

tails said as he continued attacking. shadow threw multiple chaos spears at his enemies while at the same time jumping across the massive beast and attacking him using his powerful punches and kicks. this however did not do much to startle the beast and did nothing but annoy it. soon however, with the group working together, all of the minor beasts had diminished, leaving only the larger one. each of the heroes attacked it at once not even putting a dent on the creature.

shadow: dammit! grr!
--music switch: FROM termial velocity act 1 (sonic colors) TO all of me instrumental. (shadow the hedgehog)--
shadow started as he began to become annoyed at the creature. soon, shadow unclipped and removed the rings on each of his wrists. tails looked at him then at the beast

tails: what do you plan on doing shadow?

tails asked and shadow only looked at him

shadow: you and the others fall back....i wanted to avoid using this but this things got on my nerves!

shadow said. pinkie pie fluttershy and tails all nodded as they jumped back. pinkie pie looked at tails

pinkie pie: whats he doing?
tails: your about to see...

tails replied to pinkie pie as he pointed to shadow, who began to glow a scarlet aura. shadow then threw multiple chaos spears at the creatures eyes, luckily, this forced the creature to step back and cover its eyes, and in that instant shadow jumped up and drew his arms and legs toward his body.

shadow: CHAOS!!

he began as the red aura consumed him completely. he then shot his arms and legs back out away from his body as the aura spread into a ball of energy around him

shadow: BLAST!!!

shadow said and the energy spread out further at a very large rate, it consumed the beast quickly and swallowed it up completely destroying it in the process. the energy blast was enough to blow strong gusts of wind around, forcing pinkie pie and the others to hide behind something. soon, the energy faded and he landed on the ground. the beast was no more. at seeing this, shadow then walked back and picked up his rings, known as inhibitor rings, putting them back on and walking to the others

--music end--

shadow: hmph....
pinkie pie: wow mister shadow that was AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMAZING! we should--
shadow: lets get moving....i dont have time to waste here...

shadow said interrupting pinkie pies celebratory cheering. pinkie pie only looked at him and narrowed her eyes.

pinkie pie: wow...someones grouchy huh.....

she began as she put a wide smile on her face

pinkie pie: well not while IM here!

she said as she went forward along with fluttershy tails and shadow.


equestira: ponyville: outside of sweet apple acres:

after finding scootaloo and sweetie belle, applebloom twilight applejack and knuckles left sweet apple acres into ponyville.

scootaloo: so, lemme get this straight. you and your friends went into another world and discovered that your elements are there, and THATS why you werent here to stop discord??

scootaloo asked and twilight frowned a bit being that this is about the fifth time she had asked.

twilight: yes scootaloo, i dont know why you find it hard to believe me, i mean our proof is right there, she said pointing at knuckles who was carrying big macintosh and granny smith.

knuckles: huh? wha?

he said as he looked up losing his train of thought from everyone looking at him. they soon made it to the bridge that led into town. to their displeasure however, someone fell from the sky to meet them at the other end. it was discord.

discord: ahhhh if it isnt my little ponies. its been sooo long, or...should i say...long enough for me to spread chaos all over a large portion of equestria....oh...and lookie here, youve brought some new friends.

discord said and twilight lightly growled through her teeth.

twilight:..what have you DONE!

twilight began with an angry expression as she frowned glaring at discord who was quite content with himself

discord: oh twilight werent you listeing?

discord said as he vanished and reappeared beside twilight reaching an arm around her and presenting his chaos with his other arm.

discord: i told you didnt i? i spread chaos all over canterlot and ponyville, but im not done yet, ohhh im not done at all

discord said as he reached a finger and flicked twilights ear.

discord: you should really learn to listen better twilight.

he said poofing back in front of the group. knuckles stepped forward after laying granny smith and big macintosh gently on teh ground.

knuckles: Alright listen here pal! if you think that your gonna stand here and get in our way! your sadly mistakin! YOUR MINE!

knuckles said as he charged forward and attempted a punch, however discord poofed away before he could finish the strike and knuckles fell flat on his face.

discord: ohhh that is too funny! but maybe ill give you the chance. you know, if you can find me first....oh where in equestria could i be? ill be waiting..

discord said followed by a dark laughter as his voice faded into the sky. twilight then looked at everyone else.

twilight: were gonna go back to celestias castle and help sonic. im pretty sure that tails and his team are done already

twilight said and the others nodded following her out of ponyville and toward canterlot.


act 1: end
Sonic and MLP the elements of chaos episode 4 act 1.

a couple new faces arrive. but not all of them to assist our heroes, who is it that showed up other than shadow? find out now.

All sonic characters= :iconsegalogoplz: and :iconsonicteamplz:
All MLP characters= :iconfyre-flye: and:iconhasbroplz:
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DarkTheHedgehog117 Jun 19, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
What I've been reading so far (mostly skimming, sorry!), it's been fucking amazing! This story has been getting 150% cooler by the minute! I wonder if discord is going to try and trick Sonic and his friends to become the opposite of their true selves just like Twilight and her friends? Who knows!!!! Certainly not! I guess i'mma just gonna have to continue reading and find out for myself. Great Story. Thumbs UP!!!!! :thumbsup:
And Shadow... Just Smile!
- Pinkie Pie n' Sonic
Reference from Sonic 06 XD X3
Man when metal died he said there can only be one sonic
awesome history ^^
ilovesonik Aug 2, 2012  Student Digital Artist
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