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Episode 5: Search and Destroy
act 2

Equestria: Discords castle

twilights team ventured through the upper part of the castle, which was much larger than they had originally expected. also, to their surpise, the castle was barren and unguarded. or at least, it seemed so until extremely large bat like creatures emerged from the ceiling  and landed on the floor with a thud. the bats were very large, and very bat struck at twilight with its wings and she jumped up and back leaving spike to cling to her mane as he bounced around

spike: uhhh..a little easier please.

he said putting his hand to his mouth to keep from throwing up. twilight put on a nervous smile and went back to face the bats. rarity leaped next to her friend and looked at her. twilight then nodded and they both went forward, spike blew a decent sized flame blinding one of the bats forcing it to back up into the other bats. leaving it open for an attack by rarity and twilight, who used their magic to force the bats into a room and lock the door so they couldnt escape. twilight then stopped and huffed a bit sighing and looking at the door

twilight: well...that was rather easy....
rarity: right, but discord isnt up here....

rarity said and spike held up a key

spike: i found this thing. do you think we could use it?

spike asked and the two ponies shrugged allowing spike to hold onto the key.


equestria: discords castle:

sonics team was led by, well sonic. he wandered the space around him and looked through the doors.

shadow: find anything?

shadow asked as he and the others searched for anything that could be considered a lead as to where the chimera could be hiding inside the castle.

sonic: nope
rainbow dash: nada..
pinkie pie: YUP!!!

they all called out, pinkie pies reply caught everyones attention and the rest of the group went to where she was.

shadow: what is it?

shadow asked and pinkie pie turned around with a fake moustache and a top hat on

pinkie pie: i found all this cool stuff!!!! check it out! theyre all like, props or something!

pinkie pie said as sonic and shadow facepalmed (RD facehoofed).

shadow: theres no time for messing around, did you find ANYTHING that could be useful?

shadow asked and pinkie pie thought for a moment. she thought until she finally decided to pull out a key

pinkie pie: i found this on the ground. maybe this will help!

pinkie pie said and shadow nodded

shadow: lets move on.

shadow said, and the moment the first step was taken elsewhere, more of the same bats that attacked twilights group appeared crashing through the door of the room and attacking immediately. shadow evaded the first attack  allowing the lead bat to slam its wing on the ground, five other bats entered the room and attacked. sonic homing attacked a bat in the body forcing it back out of the room. rainbow dash dashed to one end of the room and pressed herself on a wall facing one of the bats.

rainbow dash: youve messed with the wrong team buddy!

she said as she kicked herself forward, in that instant a sonic rainboom was created as she crashed into the bat and bucked it into the wall on the opposite end of the room completely obliterating the bat.

rainbow dash: ALRIGHT! rainboom smash a complete and total success!!

rainbow dash said obviously proud of her new move. however, completely distracted, a bat was able to sneak behind her and attempt an attack, however sonic sped crashing into the side of the creatures head, once the creature was down sonic used the bounce attack, slamming down on the head of the bat finishing it off. he then looked to rainbow dash and gave her a thumbs up and his trademark grin

sonic: good move rainbow, i might have to try that myself sometime.

sonic said and rainbow smiled a bit, the smile faded when she saw that there were still some bats left, shadow and pinkie pie each took on their own bat, shadow easily finished off his bat, using chaos spears to pierce its wings finally using the homing attack to crash into its head and finish it. pinkie pie bucked the bat in its body sending it soaring through the room and into the wall.

pinkie pie: WOO HOOOO! we totally kicked some booty! brohoof!!

pinkie pie said as she raised her hoof at shadow. shadow looked at her confusedly then at her hoof. he then returned the brohoof and pinkie pie jumped back out happily.

shadow: lets take that key and find where its supposed to go...

shadow said as he walked out of the room with the rest of the group.


equestria: discords castle

applejack fluttershy, tails and knuckles each looked  around after entering through their door. soon knuckles picked up a small key resting on the floor.

knuckles: hey whats this?

knuckles asked and the rest went over to him

all: a key!

they said as they looked at it. tails then observed the key and smiled

tails: theres probably a door somewhere that we can use this on.

tails said and knuckles and the others nodded. soon, once again, the bats appeard, swooping down and attacking the group, one grabbed tails and began to fly around with him in its grip.

all: TAILS!!!!!

everyone called out as knuckles jumped up to attack the bats, only for more bats to arrive and take knuckles back down, knuckles' head smacked onto the floor and applejack got a worried look she looked up at the bats and frowned

applejack: alright bats, you wanna play? lets play!

applejack called as she too jumped into the air after the bats, managing to buck one of them to the ground, however, at this point, the room they entered was full of bats, they all attacked at once, fluttershy was ambushed by more of the bats. soon however, a silver glow surrounded what looked like the entire room, it could soon be seen that all of the bats began to compress into one ball like figure. the bats were all then thrown out of the castle, where they all split apart and flew away. tails fell from where he was, but was stopped when he began to glow the silver aura.

???: i guess i got here just in time didnt i?

a voice called out, the heroes looked behind themselves to see a silver hedgehog looking at them.

tails: im sorry but....who are you?

???: my name is silver, its nice to meet you...

knuckles: yeah....well howd you get look mobian to me.....did you follow us through the portal too?

knuckles asked and silver kind of laughed

silver: actually yeah i gets curious when they see mobians entering a portal followed by a bunch of ponies.

silver said and shadow looked up at him

shadow: thats exactly what i said!

he said and silver looked to him. tails then walked up to him and folded his arms a bit disappointed

tails: and...youve decided to wait until NOW to make your presence known here? you know your abilities could have been used to help us when we were trying to put out those fires...

tails said and silver sweatdropped from the criticism

silver: hehe...yeah sorry about see....i entered that portal a pretty long while after you guys did, when i made it through no one was there. then some metal version of your friend knocked me out and tossed me in some random chamber......and when i woke up i had decided to find you guys again, so here i am

silver explained and tails looked to him

tails: and what did you need to find us for anyway?

tails asked and silver looked at him

silver: well, like i said i was curious, i made it here and found that you guys were in danger so i had decided to come and help.

silver responded and knuckles sighed

knuckles: well welcome to the team. we could use all the help we can get

knuckles said and silver nodded at him

silver: thank you.

he said as knuckles shook hands with silver and they all left the area


equestria: discords castle

the groups re-met back in front of the door they came in from. to the other groups' surprise, there was a new face.

sonic: who is that?

sonic asked and silver introduced himself to the team, and re explained why he was there. with that said, silver and the others each discussed their current predicament

twilight: well, hes not upstairs
sonic and applejcak: or down here...

they said sighing, the groups obviously exhausted. soon, each of the groups presented the keys they found

twilight: a key in each area huh....strange........what door do they go to i wonder?

twilight asked as she plopped down, she then shot back up

twilight: OW!!!

she yelled out as she turned around to see a latch on the floor where she had sat down. sonic walked over to it and pulled on the latch revealing an underground passageway.

sonic: well...we havent checked down here yet.

--begin event music: forest temple theme (the legend of zelda ocarina of time)--

sonic said as he started walking down the stairs. they soon met with a short hallway and a door with three locks on it.

shadow: well, looks like this is our door...

shadow said as he took the key his group found and shoved it into one of the locks, knuckles and spike did the same with the keys they found. they each turned the locks at once, and in that instant mechanisms began to click and crank inside the door. soon, the door opened and inside they saw, a long flight of stairs going down, with torches lit long each wall going down. they entered through the door and began walking down the steps. the torches lighting their path enough for them to see but very dimly. they reached the bottom and found yet another hallway. they entered the hallway and found that from the floor to the ceiling had to be at least seventy five feet. they entered the hallway, and upon entry, not only did more bats appear, but an Extremely large bat appeared, wing span ranging around the size of the room itself. plus, more of the bipedal fire creatures appeared from the ground. it was literally an army in the hallway.

twilight: theres NO way were gonna be able to make it through all that!!

twilight said as the creatures all stared them down. sonic and shadow looked upon the creatures and smirked. shadow took off his inhibitor rings and sonic got in a ready position.

sonic: but we HAVE to try!

sonic said and rainbow dash smirked, the words from sonic giving her the confidence boost she needed, sonic curled into a ball and began spinning in place, with his inhibitor rings off, shadow burst through the first wave of creatures runnign through the smaller creatures with ease and creating a path for all of the others to jump in, as the path began to close up, rainbow dash used the sonic rainboom to push into it and re open the path that was created by shadow. sonic, stopped spinning and was glowing a bright cyan blue aura.

sonic: readdyyyyy!!!

sonic called as he resumed the ready position, once this call was heard, shadow jumped into the air taking rainbow dash with him

shadow: attack the big guy,
rainbow dash: but those smaller ones are just gonna
shadow: dont worry....i think the smaller ones are in for a bit of a surprise

shadow said as he threw spears at the giant bat. soon, the rest of the group began attacking the giant bat as well, leaving sonic in the ready position, suddenly, the cyan aura bursted into a flaming energy and sonic looked up

sonic: GO!!

sonic called as he dashed forward at light speed, and also at light speed, began clearing out every single one of the smaller enemies while silver used his abilities to hold everyone up as they fought the bigger bat. as a bright blue flash entered the room, the others fought the giant with all their might, shadow threw spears at its eyes to blind it much like he did with the previous giant creature he fought, with silvers ability, combined with twilight and rarities magic, they all managed to throw the beast backward a bit dazing it slightly and damaging both of its wings as they caught fire by the torches  on the walls. soon, the blue flash faded, revealing sonic standing on the ground with his arms folded

sonic: piece of cake!!

he said as he looked up at the now burning giant bat. the bat fell on its back and screeched loudly, forcing everyone to cover their ears, soon, the fire diminished and the bat was no more.

shadow: hmph...
pinkie pie: YAAAAY! WE WIN!

pinkie pie cheered as the group walked forward. they each came to a very large door that had a significantly large lock on it.

sonic: we need another key!!

sonic said and the others pondered

twilight: where are we gonna find this one?

twilight asked and knuckles punched a wall leaving a hole that led to a small room. he then pointed to a small chest in the middle of the room

knuckles: right there.

knuckles said, sonic then went over to it and grabbed the latches

--start jingle: secret (legend of zelda series)--

sonic then started to slowly open the chest. he reached in and pulled out a large key holding it in the air

all: A KEY!!!!

everyone called out and sonic looked down at the ground

sonic: yknow...something about that moment seemed really familiar....

sonic said, he shrugged it off and walked to the large door. he shoved the key into the lock and turned it, the key and chain falling to the floor. sonic then looked at everyone and turned back opening the door.


act 2
Sonic and MLP episode 5 act 2

Alright, reason why im posting this so soon is cuz ive received plenty of good feedback with the fanfic, so i thought id give you guys the rest of episode five. please enjoy :D

sonic and the rest of our heroes explore discords castle.

All sonic characters= :iconsegalogoplz: and :iconsonicteamplz:
All MLP characters= :iconfyre-flye: and :iconhasbroplz:
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